Fight Crab Review

How does one describe developer Nussoft’s new game Fight Crab without sounding like a complete mad man? Fight Crab is a game in which you play as one of twenty-three different crustaceans that must battle it out against other crabs in a fight to the death. You can use forty-eight different weapons ranging from knives to samurai swords to chainsaws and even guns in an attempt to overthrow your competition. If it can fit into your claws, you can wield it. You’ll duke it out in eleven different locations ranging from beaches to medieval halls to giant cities with skyscrapers and vehicles that you can crush under your pincers. If this all sounds like some kind of weird fever dream, you’re not alone. Yes, Fight Crab is ridiculous, but my god is it hilarious fun in short bursts.

After a brief tutorial explaining how you skitter and spin around and pick things up in this third-person (crab?) arena fighter, you’re thrown into the fray. Waves of enemy crabs approach you and it’s your job to damage them enough (think Smash Bros % meter) in order to knock them on their backs and take them out of the equation. Each level after the tutorial can contain a number of different waves to them with increasingly difficult crabs to amp up the challenge. Some levels include a boss fight against a massive crab, and each level has some description to explain why your crab is there in the first place. My snow crab is currently holding a crowbar in one claw and a revolver in the other. No amount of backstory is going to matter when you consider you’re a giant crab fighting other crabs with hammers and rocket boosters, but it’s good to know I need to put a stop to these ninja crabs that are currently up to no good.

After each fight, you earn money that can be put towards stat upgrades to level up your crab. These stats range from Endurance to Dexterity and are absolutely necessary if you want to complete the later levels. You can purchase new weapons, and even new crabs to use and level up as well. Along with these personal and cosmetic upgrades there are online versus and campaign co-op modes to take part in. I couldn’t find a game to join online but as long as I hosted I was able to get others to join. Hopefully this won’t be a permanent problem and we’ll see the servers become more populated in the future.

Despite the goofy appearance, Fight Crab is one of those games that gets away with certain gameplay faults because of its premise. The crabs all handle differently, but it’s really hard to gauge if you’re actually attacking the enemy since hit detection is pretty poor. Most of the time I found myself staring at the % gauge under my enemy hoping that I was actually doing some damage. Movement is also a chore but once again I must reiterate that you’re trying to control a giant crab. If I was playing something that needed a little more precision, sure the gameplay would need improvements. The game encourages you to use a controller on PC, but it’s still difficult to control even with this recommendation. Since I’m a giant snow crab with a police baton smacking other crabs in the face though, these controls will do just fine.

If you’re looking for something light to play with your buddies, you can’t go wrong here. The controls leave a bit to be desired, but it’s a game about giant fighting crabs. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t take it seriously and that’s half the fun. With a Nintendo Switch version incoming, you’ll be able to take your leveled up crabs on the road with you. Just thinking about Fight Crab makes me laugh and I guarantee it will leave you with a big grin on your face. – NVJ

Fight Crab is now available on PC. The Nintendo Switch version releases on September 15th, 2020

PC review code provided by Stride PR

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