Moonlighter – Between Dimensions DLC Review

Between Dimensions, the newest DLC (on consoles) for 11 Bit Studios & Digital Sun’s Moonlighter will provide you with quite the challenge. I’m not kidding when I say that either. This was a nightmare to get through. It has been a while since I beat the original game (which I absolutely adore), so trying to adapt to the new dungeon took some time. Even after getting reacquainted with dodging and connecting my attacks together, these tougher enemies (they’re an assortment of random enemies you’ve already encountered, but way harder) were absolutely destroying me.  It’s kind of a weird way to start a DLC to be honest. Typically, you’re eased back into everything, with the game re-introducing you back into the world before presenting a big challenge for you to overcome. Not Between Dimensions, no sir. It has no problem tossing you in with the wolves from the get go. More Moonlighter isn’t a bad thing, and there is an extreme feeling of accomplishment after all the grinding you’re going to have to do. With that in mind, just be prepared for things to take a while to reach that point of euphoria.

The only way to access this new 9 (instead of the usual 3) floor inter dimensional dungeon is if you’ve beaten the main story. Once you go to bed for the night, you’ll wake up the next morning and a portal made out of slime will have popped up where the other dungeon entrances are located. After a brief discussion with some familiar characters, you’re off to get some loot and fight some monsters to figure out what’s going on. As was the case with the main game, there are log entries you can find in the dungeon that flesh out the story and add some mystery to your adventure. Within seconds of venturing into the new dungeon though, I felt extremely overwhelmed in terms of just how “terrible” my gear was. I was equipped with a full set of Iron Armor and had my fully upgraded Spear equipped with enchants. While this seems OK to me (it did get me through the base game), it wasn’t enough for me to really do anything here except die, over and over again. Enemies hit hard and can take a lot of hits, so if you do want to survive, you’re going to want to invest a bit of time upgrading all of your gear.

There are new armor and weapons for you to craft, but they come with a catch. The catch being that the new gear costs around half a million gold each time you want to upgrade it. On top of this, the materials you need to upgrade the gear come from the new dungeon. You’re looking at millions of gold to upgrade all of your gear. It took me hours of going through just the first two floors. I would gather materials, go back to the surface, sell anything I didn’t need for crafting, and go back in. This was the DLC for me, at least until I was finally able to get through the dungeon alive. I know this is how the game works, I just didn’t expect to hit a wall so early on.

Despite getting over the difficulty curve, the best piece of advice I can give you going into this DLC, is to go to the Blacksmith and wish list the new Composite armor and weapons immediately.  The materials you’ll be salvaging from the new dungeon will provide plenty of revenue for your shop, but you absolutely want to make sure you aren’t selling vital resources that could be put towards new gear. It’s going to feel like you’re spinning your wheels for awhile, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you’ll feel like a complete bad-ass once you’ve overcome every floor of this dungeon.

Like I said before, more Moonlighter isn’t a bad thing. The game about a shop owner who goes out to vanquish evil is still just as unique and beautiful as it was the first time I played it. I always enjoy stepping back into this world, but it was incredibly difficult for me to get into the DLC. If you’ve got the game already and want a challenge, definitely pick this one up. Just know you’re going to have to invest some time to make any progress. If you’re new to the Moonlighter franchise, buy the base game first. If you end up loving it as much as I do, you’ll find plenty of crafting and selling to keep you busy for a very long time before you decide to really challenge yourself with Between Dimensions. – NVJ

Moonlighter – Between Dimensions DLC is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC

PS4 review code provided by Evolve PR

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