Dear Epic, Where’s The Bandage Bazooka?

Day 6: Still no Bandage Bazooka.  The Fortnite BR community is hanging on, but just barely.  The Bandage Bazooka challenge remains unfinished.  Hope is dwindling.

After everything was sucked into a black hole at the end of Fortnite: Season X, we received a new season in the form of Fortnite: Chapter 2.  My kids and I love the new changes to the game and have been playing it a ridiculous amount again.

You’d think life was good.

Listen here, life is not good in the world of Fortnite.  There is something that has been bothering my kids and I… and a lot of other people.

It’s the lack of a goddamn Bandage Bazooka, that’s what.  

Each week since Chapter 2 launched, there are a set of challenges for players to finish.  We’re currently on Week 6, but Week 5 is causing trouble for players.  In order for you to complete 100% of Week 5’s challenges, there is one in particular that requires you to heal an accumulated 200 health on teammates with the Bandage Bazooka.  The Bandage Bazooka is a new item that fires bandages at teammates and heals them.

With no notice at all, Epic removed the Bandage Bazooka from every mode except Creative.  There was an issue with the item apparently and they have taken it out of the game completely to fix it.  What’s worse is there was a message stating that the item was removed, but that message is gone now.  It has been six days since that message was removed.  Players thought this meant the item was back in the game, but it hasn’t been added back in.  This means that if you haven’t finished the challenge that involves the Bandage Bazooka, you’re just staring at it, uncompleted.  If you’re like me, I finished the challenge to heal 200 health, but I didn’t complete the challenge to heal a teammate while using the Remedy skin to unlock her alternate appearance Toxin.  Now, I’m sitting here unable to unlock my new skin.  What’s even more disheartening is Epic literally won’t say a goddamn thing about when it’s coming back.

I just want the green one.  Please.

Needless to say, people are unhappy…






Honestly, I’m slowly going insane.  My OCD is off the fucking charts.  I know it’ll be returning at some point so I can finish this challenge, it’s just the silence that’s pissing me off.  It’s actually very impressive how easy it is for Epic to not communicate with their community.  A simple message stating they’re working on putting it back in the game or announcing a date that it should be coming back would suffice. – NVJ

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