Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 Review

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operations 2 is a free-to-play, multiplayer only, PS4 game.  Luckily, you do not need PS+ to play it.  The game has been out for some time over in Japan and just last week got a Western release.  I have been telling my friends the game is like Titanfall but with much more emphasis on the mechs, though I feel the game is much much better than Titanfall.  The bulk of the game focuses on you being inside your Mobile Suit (MS), but you can leave it to capture control points, call in air strikes, and even steal unoccupied enemy MS; which in doing so, will cause the suit to self destruct in a minute netting you side some points (just do not be in the MS when it blows up).  If someone steals your MS, you can get it back and stop it from blowing up if they leave the suit, so no worries there.  You can even destroy the enemy base by planting a defuse-able bomb inside it, netting you a large amount of points.  Whoever has the most points when time runs out, wins.

There are multiple maps for both ground and space fighting, with limitations on what MS you can bring.  You cannot bring a Guntank into space (come on how would that work?).  Each map is symmetrical in basic layout with debris, buildings, or terrain that changes it up to a slight degree.  You start deployed from your base and between you and your enemies bases are control points you can capture for a few points, but the main reason you do so is to redeploy further in the battle field and call down air strikes if the option is available.  You do need to exit your mobile suit in order for your pilot to capture a point.  You do so by kneeling down if you are on a ground map and pressing circle.  If you are in space, you need to do the emergency escape by holding down circle.  Make sure to break first in order to come to a stop, or you may get tossed a bit past the point.

You are extremely fragile as a pilot, you can and often will just get run over by an enemy MS as it is really hard to hit a pilot with weapons.  The pilots get an assault rifle, bazooka, flash bang, and repair tool.  The bazooka is slow with limited range (so good luck hitting a moving MS with it) and the flashbang does effect both MS and pilots though within a limited range.  If multiple pilots repair a MS at once, it gets repaired much faster and if you hit triangle you can melee, instantly killing an enemy pilot.  You can also fly, but for a limited amount that recovers over time so use it wisely (no fall damage though).


Each Mobile Suit has it’s own initial set of weapons and can use a few others that you can buy or get out of supply crates.  To switch weapons you press R1 or you can hold it down and select what you want with one of the face buttons.  Though you cannot use a weapon immediately and to melee you need to have a melee weapon equipped.  Even if the melee is just your fist.  You can also charge to sort of stun the enemy if it connects or even counter if they are doing a melee.  With shields being just kinda there and if they get hit they soak up x amount of damage before getting destroyed.  Not every MS has a shield and not all shields are equal.


There are a MASSIVE amount of Mobile Suits already in the game with plenty to pick from.  The game starts you off with one random, good quality MS normally and you can do extra tutorial missions to get more lower cost ones.  However, if you log in by the end of the month you get 10 free ones to celebrate the NA release.  So you can have a wide variety to test out.  It seems that they add in at least one new one every week or they have been so far.  How long that will go I am not sure since the game only has Universal Century Mobile suits.

There was one mechanic I have not covered for the MS combat.  I found this out playing with my friend when I chose to use the Blue Destiny Unit 1.  I saw on the side of my screen “EXAM” with the icon showing the touch pad on the PS4 controller.  I was like: “o.o …. there are super modes…. oooh” *press button.*  The super mode activated and as far as I could tell it was just a fairly decent speed increase lasting a full minute.  The downside is that after that minute passed the legs and head suffered full damage so I had no radar, could not sprint without flinching and could not dodge without falling.  So it is better to use as an escape then hopping out and repairing your legs and head.  You do get some invincibility when you charge, get in your MS, and as you are getting up so you are not super vulnerable in those situations as well as others.

I will say the monetization seems fairly bad right now.  The premium currency starts off at about $1 per coin and does not get much better.  You need 3 coins to do a single pull, 15 for the special discount 10x pull that you only get one per week of, and 30 for the normal 10x pulls.  You get crates that can give you cosmetics for your pilot, weapons, upgrades for armor and the like, currency both premium and regular, Mobile Suits, and a few other things I believe.  If you do not get a gold quality tier crate after 10 then you are guaranteed one on the next so at least there is that.  And you can (emphasis on can) get up to 2 free a day from just playing the game.  Your recon squad will go out and grab you one, though I think mine must be taking a perpetual coffee break because I only ever got two on my first day playing.  It is a 10% chance after every mission to get one.

The graphics look like maybe late PS3 era, and the sounds seem like they are straight from the anime, with the voices being all in Japanese with subtitles for the important bits.  The controls are amazing and it really feels like you are piloting this massive 60 ft. mech.  If you are looking for a good Gundam game then I cannot suggest this enough.  Despite it having some bad habits concerning your money, you can just buy Mobile Suits and improve them.  If you get good enough you can take down higher tier suits too.  It is harder as they have better stats the higher the cost, but still possible.  It is also free, so if you have good internet then there is no downside to giving it a try at least. – TS

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operations 2 is free-to-play and now available on the Playstation Store

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