Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare – Mobile Impressions

There are several Gundam games out there, mostly in Japan sadly.  What seems to be the king of them is the Gundam Breaker series, with 3 being the best and New Gundam Breaker being something we do not want to talk about.  The basic idea of the game is much like the Build Fighter/Diver series; you build Gunpla and fight with them.  I bought and played 3 a fair amount and enjoyed it.  I pre-registered for GBGW so I could get those sweet sweet bonuses and have been playing it daily ever since.  Why I have waited for over two months to write this review is so I can try and give you a good feel for the game.  However that is a bit hard to tell since they have been tweaking the events still and have yet to release the 3v3 arena.  So instead, I will just write how I feel about the game so far, and what I hope they add/change about the game.

First off, the performance is alright on older phones. I had a Oneplus 3 originally and then had to buy a new phone so now I use the Samsung S10+.  I had some crashes with my first phone while playing the game, but nothing persistent.  I was hearing that other people could just not play the game and they did recently drop support for a handful of phones, so check into that first.  However, if you have a recent phone probably within the last two years you should be fine.  It looks like what you would expect of a mobile game.  The graphics are not terrible, but are not great either.  A lot of the detail is just flat drawn on the textures with no depth (Normal map is what bends the light in a way to make the texture look like it has depth when it is really just flat).  There is a HUGE variety of kits in the game already with three new ones being introduced every week in weekly events.

The sound is nothing special.  The music is decent and the voice acting is good though you will hear the same voice line over and over as your pilot uses the same ex ability over and over.  The story is also nothing special, and seems to be par for the course for a Gundam Breaker game.  You are a highschooler, you get roped into the school’s Gunpla Club, you enter tournaments, you fight, and some mild drama ensues.  They even recently updated the story with a summer episode.

Gameplay wise it can be a lot of fun.  the controls are thankfully simple.  You move by sliding your finger then holding it in a direction (not entirely sure how to boost) and tap one of the three ex abilities (you get them by equipping parts that have them) and when your job gauge (determined by your pilot) is filled up, you do the same to activate that boost.  To dodge, you simply quickly swipe the screen in a direction twice.  Dodging and boosting consumes your vernier gauge which, like your abilities and gun’s ammunition, will recover over time.  There is also an auto battle function (the A.I. does make some questionable choices) though usually does just fine.

The game has a rock, paper, scissors mechanic where the attribute of your Gunpla (which is defined by your parts and pilot) will be either better or worse than another type.  If you do not have enough of one attribute, then your Gunpla just won’t have an assigned attribute and will have neither an advantage nor disadvantage.  Certain parts have traits that activate only when your Gunpla has a specific attribute, so you should try to get either a Speed, Power, or Technique attribute.

The monetization in the game has become a bit worse recently.  Last week’s event introduced a new coin into the game that let’s you get a guaranteed part from one of the two new Gunpla introduced into the games pool of random parts.  However, you need 15 of those coins that you only get when you do a 10x pull on the event specific gachapon (grab bag system) and you need a minimum of 15.  That takes 1500 of the premium currency, or Haro Coins, per 10x pull.  So, at most you will be spending about $100 if you REALLY want to use it.  If not, the next week you can trade them in for upgrade items.  The option is nice, but with how much you need to do, I find it pointless and irritating.  I will say this, the game does hand out Haro Coins fairly often with each new mission in the story having three bonus missions (which in the story you complete just by playing it) that give you 20 coins each.  Every other mission in the game will give you up to 30 Haro Coins each, with 20 if you complete all the daily challenges and varying amounts for how well you do in the arena.  Additionally, every 10 levels you get 400 coins, and for levels 110 and 120 that is upped to 500, with more coins for log in bonuses and logging in for X amount of days.  So you do not have to spend a ton of money if you do not want to.


On that note, every event has rewards you can buy, emblems, color schemes, pilots, upgrade tokens, and an event specific Gunpla that you need the event specific coins to get.  You get those coins just by playing the missions, no challenges needed.  The two new gachapon Gunpla will give the biggest boost currently at 400% or 600% for just having one part and the previous Gunpla, as well as some random ones that will give 10-30% boost per part, stacking up to 600%.  That is the reason for using 1500 Haro Coins every week as it gives you increased chances to get one of the new shiny Gunpla so you can get both awakening circuits (used to increase the part quality) and everything else from the event.

All things considered, I am still having a blast with the game and they seem to be constantly changing things, so the events will probably be different in another month or two.  It would be nice if they were longer, but seeing new Gunpla added every week to help change and maximize your build is great.  Check it out if you want a great Gundam game, but be aware it drains both your battery and your data. – TS

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