Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – First Impressions

I am a HUUUUUUUGE Gundam fan.  I have seen nearly all of the non SD (I do not like the chibi designs usually) anime series and even saw Narrative in theaters, so when a new series comes out I have high hopes and am super excited.  I LOVED the Build Fighters series (the first one especially), but still really enjoyed Try and the OVA.  When the first Build Divers series came out and I started to see the kit designs, my wallet opened, and my eyes were glued to my monitor.  The designs were interesting for the most part and included some of my favorite grunt suit designs such as the Kapool, and the Grimoire.

So as to not go off on a tangent and make this more of a review over the first Build Divers series, I will just say this.  I enjoyed the first half of the first season of Build Divers, but gave up a few episodes after the big battle with the Break Decal users.  It just seemed like they blew their load and should have had that be the final episode or second to last.

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Now that we have that out of the way, I will go over my initial impressions of Build Divers Re:RISE.  So far I am enjoying it.  The Gunpla designs for the main crew are interesting and I like Earthree (Core Gundam with the default armor pack), Justice Knight (still waiting for a real mode of Knight Gundam), and especially WoDom Pod.  The Valkylander seems like the token “cute” gunpla that was shared by the MomoKapool and the RX Zeromaru in the first series.

The first episode opens up with a battle showing the power of Earthree, and we have yet to really see the potential of the other Gunpla.  Kazami (Justice Knight’s pilot) is so far pure comic relief, and Parviz (Valkylander’s pilot) is a scaredy cat that seems to also be comic relief; though not as much as Kazami.  The main character and pilot of the Core Gundam, Hiroto seems like a Setsuna type with thin layer of mild depression on top. And lastly there is the WoDom Pod’s pilot, May who has had minimal interaction and just seems kinda there and boring.  You know what, think of her as female Setsuna so far.  Or hell even Heero Yui from Wing, just less murdery.

So the main cast seems meh so far, but hopefully we get some decent character development which it seems that Parviz will have the most of in this series.  As for their motivations; May and Parviz do not really seem to have any, Parviz just wants exclusive titles and fame I imagine while the main character Hiroto I guess just wants to find his Waifu who is probably another sentient A.I. like Sarah from the first series.  Something must have happened to her during the events of the first series and that made Hiroto almost quit GBN all together.  Ultimately, that story line will most likely be disappointing.

As for the story so far it is hard to judge.  Only two episodes in but I am guessing we are dealing with some sort of “offspring” of Sarah’s or even the girl Hiroto pined for pre- Re:RISE who sort of scooped the main crew up and gave them a series of missions to complete.  I am crossing my fingers this is the story for the ENTIRE series and not just half.  Or if it is just half, for the love of god please do not let the second half drag on.

The action, animation, voice acting, and sound design is what you would expect from what will most likely be a 25 episode Gundam Series.  That is to say, if you have seen Build Divers expect that again regarding visuals and sound.  If you are a Gundam fan, then I say give this a shot.  At least the first probably 5 episodes where we can hopefully see where the series is going more.  Luckily it is free on Youtube and comes out on Thursday mornings. – TS

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE is now streaming on Youtube

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