Cat Quest II Review

“We are the ketchup to your hot dog.” – Hotto Doggo

Cat Quest II begins with the summoning of two kings, a cat and a dog.  With nothing on them but the rags they wear, it is up to this royal duo to restore the ‘Kingsblade’, a weapon that can be used to unite or divide the kingdoms of cats and dogs, to its former glory.  You (and a friend, if you decide to play co-op) must set out to make things right and restore yourselves to “Full Royal Pawer“.

Cat Quest II (from Singaporean developer The Gentlebros), is an action-RPG that never takes itself too seriously, which just makes it so damn charming.  The land is full of different cities and towns like ‘Catpital City‘ and ‘Doge Town‘.  There are animal puns galore.  You’ll find ‘impawsters‘.  You are known as the ‘meowjesty‘ to most of the critters that inhabit the land you’ll be exploring.  It’s so ridiculous and adorable it makes me sick.

There is a ‘Doge Town’

Combat is varied, with different play-styles to use based on your equipment.  There aren’t any classes so if you want to be a sword-wielding cat that can cast healing spells and shoot fire (which I was) you’re more than welcome to.  You can level up (pretty high actually, I did come across a level 200 dungeon and I was only 72) and find different weapons, armor and spells to equip.  Your spells can be mapped to four buttons on your keyboard or if you’re playing with a controller, the spells are mapped to the triggers and shoulder buttons.  There’s Lightnyan (lightning), HealPaw (heal over time), Flamepurr (fire area of effect) and plenty of other spells at your disposal.  Each enemy is resistant to a certain kind of magic or weapon, and changing between your spells and equipment on the fly in the menu is quick and easy.  You can even make the cat or dog a physical powerhouse while the other is a spell caster.  The choice is yours.

Weapons and armor can be upgraded at the two most famous blacksmiths in all the land.  Kit Cat will upgrade your armor.  Hotto Doggo (who loves to talk about the meaning of life and how it relates to the condiments on a hot dog) will upgrade your weapons.  If you do decide to just stick with the main story quests, you might find yourself severely under-leveled.  I was progressing at a brisk pace, but I quickly found myself 12 levels below the recommended level for the main quest I was on.  Because you can upgrade your weapons and armor, this level gap doesn’t pose too much of a problem.  If Kit Cat and Hotto Doggo’s upgrades aren’t helping, you can get decent enough experience from the huge amount of side-quests that are available, and they’re usually pretty entertaining.


Dungeons come in a variety of forms, from fighting waves of enemies to simple ‘Zelda‘ style puzzle solving with different enemy types and traps, like interchanging spike platforms to overcome.  All of the enemy attacks are telegraphed, and you’re able to dodge roll as fast as your finger can push the button, so you’ll always be able to avoid these attacks if you’re quick enough.

As far as technical problems go, Cat Quest II ran smoothly during my 10 hours of playtime, that is right up until the final battle.  The game crashed during the second phase and I had to restart which was a real pain, but it didn’t happen again.

Cat Quest II is an adorable, bite-sized action-RPG that is accessible for the younger crowd and challenging enough for the seasoned gamer.  Even after you’re finished the main quest, the world map is so huge, you’ll want to come back and discover every little side-quest and dungeon it has to offer.  Bring on Cat Quest III baby.– NVJ

Cat Quest II is now available on PC

Cat Quest II will be available on PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch later this Autumn

PC review code provided by PQube

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