What Makes Children of Morta So Rewarding?

I’ve been playing Children of Morta a lot lately.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Children of Morta is a dungeon crawler where you control six different family members, each with their own abilities for you to master.  It has an emotional story, fantastic combat, and I can’t say enough good things about it.  In my review I said it could very well be my favorite game of 2019.  That’s no lie.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences and I love seeing the world come alive even after I’ve completed the main story.  It’s the game that keeps on giving.

Spoiler Warning: I do talk about certain story parts in detail so if you don’t want them ruined, come back once you’re finished…

What makes Children of Morta so re-playable and demanding of your attention after you’re finished the main story is that you can still travel through the previous dungeons to find items or trigger events that you hadn’t before.  It’s not like other games where you can load your save before the final battle and tie up loose ends.  Children of Morta picks up after the credits finish and you can continue to make the world a better place.  The ever looming presence of evil has been lifted and how many more good deeds you want to accomplish are entirely up to you.  I don’t usually try to get all the achievements for a game unless it’s something really special, but I’m close (I’ve spent around 40 hours playing and I need 5 more).

Screenshot 2019-09-11 20.21.28
Every mural tells a story

In TerraLava, (the third and final dungeon) you come across tiny automatons that are in need of rescuing.  Once you’ve found all three of them and brought them all together at your house, they form into a projector and present images to you that explains their origins.  They had a creator who loved them.  Now that you’ve reunited them and taken them in, you know they will be safe because of your actions.  It’s a great feeling and it wasn’t until I started to strive for 100% completion that I really started to notice all of my accomplishments.  The Bergon’s house was now full of trinkets that I had found in my travels.  Those NPC’s I had saved were now living comfortably with the family of heroes.

They were there because of me.  

Now, most of the time your actions will result in a positive outcome, but sometimes you’ll be surprised with what happens… but that’s for you to discover on your own.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 00.38.45
Sometimes there isn’t a happy ending, but things can’t always be that way

It’s not just the story that continues to develop either.  The Bergson’s have experience to be earned, strength to be gained, and stats to be maxed out.  Your dungeon runs continue to get faster and your upgrades become almost too powerful.  The family becomes stronger the more you spend time with each of the individual family members and they quickly become a force to be reckoned with.  I’m not the type to take the time to level everyone in my party in an RPG, but this game was an exception.

Children of Morta deserves all of your attention and it’s a game that keeps on giving long after you’ve saved the world.  It delivers character progression and world building in ways I’ve never seen before.

I wish more games rewarded you the way Children of Morta does. – NVJ

Children of Morta is now available on PC

PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch versions will be available on October 15th, 2019

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