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The Round-Up – September 11th, 2019

Another week, another Round-Up.

How’s everyone?

With summer break over, I’ve been busy getting back into a routine now that the kids have started school again.  I’ve fallen behind on all the movies I want to check out like Ready or Not, IT: Chapter 2 and Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark.  On the game front, I’m currently playing Gears 5, Children of Morta & I’m still dabbling in WOW Classic  I’m really hyped for Borderlands 3 which will be arriving at the end of this week!  Plenty to keep us busy in the coming cold months.

Anyways, here’s what’s on my mind…

First Teaser For DC’s ‘Birds of Prey’

This teaser released last week but I’m still thinking about it.  While I thought Suicide Squad was tolerable, I really hope this film redeems Harley Quinn on the big screen.  She has become one of the more endearing characters in DC comics and I think this could be something great.  The stunt coordinator for John Wick was called on board for some of the action scenes, so I’m expecting some mind blowing things in that department.

Birds of Prey is in theaters February 7th, 2020

Each new trailer Square-Enix releases for the FFVII Remake looks spectacular, this new one straight out of Tokyo Game Show is no different.  The dialogue is a bit of a letdown and ridiculously cheesy but hey, at least they showed the Don!  Can’t wait to see Cloud dressed up like a lady in hi-def.  That’s why we’re all going to play this right?

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on March 3rd, 2020

You Need to Play Children of Morta

Easily my favourite game so far this year.  Children of Morta tells the story of the Bergsons, a family who must come together to save their world from imminent doom.  As you venture into the different dungeons, you can play as six different family members, each with their own special abilities and weapon of choice.  I encourage you to give it a go.  There’s tons of replay value and it delivers one hell of a story.  The combat is satisfying.  If you don’t believe me, check out my reviewI’m currently sitting at 73% achievement completion and I will attain that 100% very soon.  This is one purchase you won’t regret.

Children of Morta is now available on PC

PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch versions release on October 15th, 2019

Gears 5 Continues To Impress


I’m currently on Act 2-Chapter 3 of the campaign, but it’s taking me some time since I’m running through it on Insane.  There have been some pretty emotional moments which I won’t spoil, but this Gears isn’t just any shooter.  It has weight to its story and I love it.  I’ve also been playing a ton of multiplayer and it does not disappoint.  This is my favourite Gears since Gears of War 3.  What’s great is if you’re on the fence about picking it up, just subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 2$ and it’s yours to play!  What are you waiting for?

Gears 5 is now available on Xbox One & PC

Carnival Row is Fantastic


This is one of the most original shows I’ve watched.  A detective (Orlando Bloom) is trying to solve a string of murders involving the denizens of Carnival Row, a place full of fairy tale creatures like faeries and what not (they each have special names that I can’t remember for the life of me and I’m too lazy to Google).  Just know that it’s full of violence, sex, and political intrigue.  You wouldn’t expect those types of things from a show with such magical creatures. Guillermo Del Toro was originally signed on to produce but had to bail due to his tight schedule.  You can definitely feel his presence throughout each episode though with the interesting creature designs.  My wife and I have three more episodes to watch and then I’ll probably write a full review once we’re finished.  In the meantime, I highly recommend it if you’ve ever wanted to hear a fairy say “fuck”.

Carnival Row is now available to stream on Amazon Prime

That’s it for The Round-Up, until next time! – NVJ

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