World of Warcraft Classic – Day 3

One of the players on our server was offering in general chat to perform fellatio in exchange for a brown leather bag to carry loot in. 

The classic experience is coming along nicely it seems.

Screenshot 2019-08-28 19.41.39
Red Defias Mask aka The piece de resistance

I haven’t had to resort to anything like that… yet.  I received a bag from a quest and one from a random drop.  That and only having to wait twenty minutes to log in to the server and receiving a Red Defias Mask for my Rogue to wear were the highlights of my evening.

Our adventure continued in Westfall where it rained literally the entire time, and yet the grass remains yellow (dun dun duuunnn).  We noticed something else while we were there as well.  While later expansions of WOW place  for quests in relatively the same area, Westfall has objectives scattered all across the land for your quest.  You want to kill pigs for their livers?  Have fun walking around the entire map looking for pigs, because they ain’t in just one spot.  Nothing gets the blood pumping furiously then farming pigs for three hours for their livers.

It’s really not that bad though because of how many other people are looking for the same stuff as you, which helps thin the herd across the map.  The problem for us though is that we were running around aimlessly for 3 and a half hours trying to get enough livers for our group of three to finish a quest to make a pie.  The drop rates are goddamn abysmal.  Not being able to share loot is bullshit and something I absolutely do not miss in current WOW.

Screenshot 2019-08-28 20.03.11.png
Spent a lot of my time in a ghost state

Everything that we went up against was destroying us too.  If more then two enemies attacked us, we were dead.  You would think this would put a damper on the night but it didn’t.  It’s strange because the hurdles that you have to overcome are overwhelming, but there’s so much satisfaction that comes from finally completing a quest or getting that next piece of gear that’s a slight upgrade.  I honestly haven’t felt that satisfaction in a long time in a video game.  Scrounging for loot just to get by is something I’ve always enjoyed in any RPG.  You can feel the progressionI am passionate about progression and WOW Classic offers that feeling in spades.  We’ve all got absolute shit gear on but we’re making progress and I can’t wait to play some more tonight.

At the end of our playtime, the wife and I were level 13 and my brother had hit level 12.  Three and a half hours for two levels is a little slow but we aren’t that well geared like I said.  I’m halfway to level 14 so hopefully we’ll be in Deadmines tonight! – NVJ

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  1. That’s true about the gear. In current WoW, with heirlooms you almost never upgrade your gear. Getting through the lower levels is so boring


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