World of Warcraft Classic – Day 2

Whelp, we didn’t get as lucky logging in today folks…

Last night when the wife and I were logging off, we noticed that our realm was at medium population, so we figured tonight would be smooth sailing.  It would seem everything is high population again, including our server.  There’s a two and a half hour wait time to get in so I’m gonna go watch a show with the wife and we’ll see if we can get on before bedtime…

Update: So the wife and I watched three episodes of Parks and Rec when we were finally greeted with the character select screen.  Success!


Update: Literally 5 minutes after logging in, the power went out in the entire house, causing us to disconnect…

Update:  The power came back on and now my wife is logged in but now I have to wait 37 minutes to get in so she’s going to farm herbs to make potions while she waits for me.  Our son got scared so he’s now in our bed asking me what video game systems came out first and in what order.  He said the Virtual Boy but I said the Atari 2600.  I am now searching on Google

One of the first home video game consoles ladies & gentlemen

Update:  I honestly thought the Atari 2600 was the first video game console but it seems I’ve been wrong the whole time.  The Binatone TV Master MK IV was one of the very first home consoles.  It was released in 1977.  Nintendo released a console in 1977 as well called Color TV-Game 6.  What’s really crazy is Nintendo is the only company from the original first generation of game consoles to still be developing systems and video games to this day.  You fucking rock Nintendo

Edit: So I was corrected by my friend/writer on That One Geek Site, Tommy Suter.  The Magnavox Odyssey was the very first home game console to come out, based off the Brown Box prototype.  It released in 1972!  Look at that.  Want to play WOW Classic, get a history lesson.  We’re all learning stuff.

Alright well that’s enough for me.  Hopefully, we’ll have better luck tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll just leave my game logging in and just stay logged in forever to avoid these que times…

Just kidding I’m not an asshole. – NVJ

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