Apple Arcade Looks Promising

This Fall, Apple plans to release its new platform, Apple Arcade, which will be available on ios, Mac OS and Apple TV.

What is Apple Arcade? It is a subscription-based gaming service, much like Netflix. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee (according to 9to5MAC it’s starting at $4.99 USD) and gain access to hundreds of premium games.

Aren’t there a ton of free games already on the App Store?
As accurate as that might be, a lot of them include micro-transactions or ads that must be watched to gain access to a lot of these games content. Apple Arcade has no ads and no other transactions to gain access to the content.

Apple has already partnered with major game developers, such as:

  • Konami (Metal Gear)
  • PlatinumGames (NieR Automana)
  • Sega (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Annapurna Interactive (What Remains of Edith Finch)
  • Devolver Digital (Hatoful Boyfriend, Hotline Miami and Broforce)
  • Gameloft (Disney Magic Kingdoms and Battle Tanks)

Apple has also claimed that there will be exclusives to this platform. If you are already an Apple developer, you can gain access to this platform to submit your game here.  For everyone else just looking for games to play sign up here to be the first to know when it goes live.


Another feature worth mentioning is Apple Arcade will be available through family sharing, much in the same way Apple Music and the App Store does. The feature is a relief to parents who want to monitor the type of media their children are consuming.
Currently, it is unknown if Apple Arcade’s family share will be a higher price point or if there will be a student discount.

TL;DR Apple has a subscription platform for games with no ads or microtransactions due to release this fall, and the estimated price is $4.99 USD. – SZ

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