Top 6 Moments from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

It’s almost time folks!  The game is down for full day maintenance today, but the developers were kind enough to present us with patch notes for the release of the expansion yesterday.  It’s a lengthy read but there are so many things to be excited about, from new jobs, areas and story quests to a freaking triceratops mount!  I just get so hyped when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV expansions and with Shadowbringers it’s no different.  I’ve been taking the time to level up a bunch of different jobs and I’ve jumped from my main Red Mage/Warrior to Machinist, and now ultimately I think I’m going with Gunbreaker.  I’m a job whore, what can I say.  I’ll see you guys in New Gridania bright and early tomorrow morning to unlock the new job and start the grind to 70 (ten levels won’t be so bad, I did it for RDM when Stormblood launched).

Anyways I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my favourite events from Stormblood.  I did a post back when Stormblood launched called Top 10 Moments – Final Fantasy XIV/Heavensward, so I figured I would continue that tradition.  I decided to only do six because there wasn’t a lot of things that happened in Stormblood that really blew my mind.  Despite the fact that there weren’t as many exciting moments as Heavensward and A Realm Reborn, Stormblood was still a great expansion nonetheless.

Here’s your spoiler warning, so if you haven’t been through the Main Scenario and don’t want to know the dirty details, look away!

The Royal Menagerie


As far as tough battles go, Shinryu was pretty intense considering it’s a Main Scenario trial and necessary to complete the story.  Nothing a little perseverance wouldn’t take care of (I wrote an article a couple years back when the content was fresh and why it shouldn’t be toned down difficulty wise, here it is for your reading pleasure), but still challenging and rewarding nonetheless.  The Extreme version of this fight is even crazier, and has you at one point running across Shinryu’s giant tail to get to the other platform he’s on.  Hopefully we’ll see more challenging story content like this in Shadowbringers.

Sigmascape’s Kefka Battle


The big bad from Final Fantasy VI made his FFXIV debut in the Sigmascape raid content, and it was awesome.  If you challenged him on Savage difficulty you got to battle God Kefka after defeating his first form, which was even cooler.  I think what excites me most is that, at this point, we could very well go up against Sephiroth in the future.  The possibilities are endless and the fan service is fantastic with each of these new raids.

Zenos Yae Galvus


While nothing will beat the story from Heavensward (I was a big fan of the struggle between humans and dragons and how they just wanted to live in harmony, it was touching you know?), Stormblood introduced a formidable enemy that we hadn’t really seen before now.  Sure there were villains, but not to this scale.  Zenos was nigh unstoppable for most of the story.  A man looking for someone worthy of a true battle to test his strength.  The Warrior of Light proved to be just the challenge he was looking for.  Even after fighting him in the final dungeon of the initial Main Scenario for Stormbloods launch, he just walks away like nothing happened.  Defeating him in his Shinryu form is still not enough, but feeling satisfied with the performance you’ve put on, he slits his own throat and dies but is brought back to life to taunt us once again.  His ever looming presence will be missed.

Asahi & Yotsuyu’s Death


From the moment we met Asahi back in patch 4.3  Under The Moonlight, we knew he was going to be a dick.  He introduces himself as a kind and caring brother to Yotsuyu, but it turns out he’s anything but that (surprise).  Yotsuyu had forgotten who she was due to suffering amnesia from the aftermath of the battle at Doma Castle, but Asahi makes sure that his sister turns back into the monster that he had a part in creating from the very beginning.  After the Warrior of Light defeats Yotsuyu in her primal form, Asahi curses her name and kicks her broken body on the ground, but before he can finish her, he is impaled by her ethereal swords, having used the last of her power to kill him.  It’s a very intense scene and heartbreaking (for Yotsuyu, nobody gives a shit about Asahi… I don’t think anyways) because Gosetsu tried so hard to turn her into a better person, but ultimately failed.

Gaius Van Baelsar becomes an ally

After a brutal boss fight at the end of a dungeon called “The Burn“, we find out that Gaius, one of the main villains from A Realm Reborn (I refer to him as “the man who loves to talk for hours on elevators”), is now a good guy and has been hunting Ascians (they’re the real big bads if you’re wondering).  I honestly was under the assumption after finding out he was on our side that he would be the trainer for Gunbreakers, but while he does wield a Gunblade, it seems likely that he’ll just now be part of the main story, helping us out.

Hildibrand continues to be hilarious


The Hildibrand quest-line for Stormblood easily became the highlight of the expansion for me.  It’s just so good.  The ridiculous adventures of this detective continued and the added bonus of unlocking the new Manderville Mambo dance emote just further solidified it as great content that should absolutely not be overlooked.  If you haven’t started the quest-line which begins at level 50, go start it now!  It’s so disappointing that this is optional content, because it’s too good for that.

Well, that’s it for now.  What things did you enjoy in Stormblood?  Let me know in the comments down below.

See everyone tomorrow at 5AM for Shadowbringers! – NVJ

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