E3 2019 – Nintendo Presentation

Secret of Mana Collection.  It’s all I wanted Nintendo to announce this E3.  I did my duty with a write-up back in 2017 on why you should be demanding for the collection to be released outside of Japan. I wanted Nintendo or Square Enix to announce it at their last E3 presentation but sadly… they didn’t.  Holy hell did Nintendo deliver this year though.  Not only are we finally getting the Collection of Mana, BUT IT RELEASES ON THE NINTENDO ESHOP LATER TODAY!  I can’t fucking believe it.  I own the Japanese version for the Super Famicom and now I’ll finally be able to follow along with the story better.  On top of that announcement there were all sorts of great things announced.  Nintendo didn’t pull any punches and it’s nice to feel this excited for something other than Sony, because let’s be honest, I’m a Sony boy at heart…

Lots of great stuff was announced today but these are the reveals that piqued my interest…

HOLY. SHIT. BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER.  I can’t believe they pulled it off.  I was hoping they would announce it last night at the Square Enix Presentation, but that’s ok. I see they were saving the announcement for the day of my birth.  Well played Nintendo & Square Enix, well played.  Also announced was the Trials of Mana Remake.  It’s a 3D version of the third game.  So much Secret of Mana goodness to be had.  I could cry like a baby right now.  Someone hold me.

Collection of Mana releases later today on Nintendo eShop

Trials of Mana Remake releases early 2020 on Nintendo Switch & PS4

The Luminary makes his debut in Super Smash Bros Ultimate this summer!  Not only do we get the hero from Dragon Quest XI, but we also get heroes from various other games in the Dragon Quest series as well that are joining the fray.  Also, right towards the end of the Nintendo presentation, they announced another character for Smash Bros as well…

Banjo Kazooie!  I think what gets me excited the most is that while they’re both making their debut in Smash Bros, maybe we will see a proper Banjo Kazooie sequel down the road on Nintendo SwitchMicrosoft did nothing for the character so just give them back to Nintendo!  Do it!

The Luminary comes to Smash Bros Ultimate this summer

Banjo Kazooie comes to Smash Bros Ultimate this fall

This could be the funniest entry in the franchise.  Along with new inventions to control, there’s local and online co-op!  My nephew is going to flip out when he sees this.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases in 2019

This remake of the original Game Boy game looks too cute to handle.  I can remember hooking it up to my Super Game Boy and playing it on the SNES.  Looks a hell of a lot better now though let me tell you.  I cannot wait to pick this one up this fall.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening releases for Nintendo Switch on September 20th, 2019

Nintendo closed out their presentation with something very sinister.  They unveiled a teaser trailer for the sequel to Breath of the Wild and it looks to be one of the darker entries in the Zelda franchise.  The teaser is full of foreboding and that ending stuck with me even after the trailer was over.  It looks like we’re getting a next gen Majora’s Mask if we’re lucky.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel is currently in development

So that’s it for E3 I guess!  What a way to finish though.  I have to say Nintendo only slightly edged out Square Enix for top honors.  They both put on fantastic shows but ultimately Nintendo blew my mind the most.  Let me know who you thought put on the best show and what your favorite announcement was!

Now it’s time to go play some Collection of Mana.  – NVJ

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