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HG Maganac – Kit Review

Many Americans got their first taste of Mobile Suit Gundam with the Wing series.  Set after Colony 195, the people still living on Earth have been oppressing the space colonies so 5 high performance Mobile Suits called Gundams have been made and sent down to deal with them.  Although being sent down together, each one does not know of the others and because of this, they’re completely alone, besides the Middle Eastern Nation’s Gundam Sandrock.  Piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner, the Sandrock was sent down with a team of mass produced Mobile Suits (MS for short).  Those MS units were known as the Maganac.  These types of Gundam were specifically designed for desert based combat.


The good folks at Bandai have recently made a high grade kit for the Maganac.  As someone who has built over 50 or so kits over the course of a decade, I have to say this one is amazing.  First off, it is perfect for beginners.  I completed it in a couple hours with panel lining is minimal on this kit.  So, a beginner can skip panel lining or even use it to help hone that skill without too much worry making a mess of the model.


It is a very sturdy kit with great pose-ability, even being able to stand on one leg just fine.  The Maganac utilizes very few poly caps which tend to wear down faster over time.  Every runner (what the pieces are held in) is fully utilized including two small parts to attach to the back of the skirt and backpack to store the shield and axe.  It only comes with a few extra poly caps, so do not forget to recycle all that plastic!


There are only a few stickers; one for the eye, two gray strips for the outside of the shield, one on the scope of the rifle, and four for the yellow areas on the shoulders.  It also includes another set of stickers to add in numbers to designate which unit it is.  Sadly, I misplaced mine though it is a bit of detail that will really only shine if you buy multiple of this kit for a sweet display.


My one complaint and it could just be a defect on my kit specifically, is that the left leg has issues with wanting to slip off the peg for where the hip joint is.  Other than that minor gripe, I will say the kit is well worth the money.  I highly recommend this kit for people who want to start getting into Gundam Models (Gunpla).  That is why I translate some terms that people may not be familiar with.  And for those beginners make sure to pick up a modeling tool kit.  I recommend the Tamiya 2 basic tool set it comes with everything you need to start modeling.  However, if you are not a beginner and just happen to like Gundam Wing and like the design, or just want a nifty kit to bang out in an afternoon this is absolutely perfect for you. – TS

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