Mobile Suit Gundam NT Review.

It’s a Gundam! Mobile Suit Gundam NT review.  Like many Americans who love the Gundam series, I started watching the series with the “Wing” iteration back when it was on Toonami many years ago.  That version kick started a love for all things “Mech” in me though ultimately Gundam did fall to the wayside until a friend in college got me hooked on it once again.  Since then, I dug up a couple of my old models I had put together, binged nearly every series (yes that includes both Destiny series) and even watched the various OVAs and movies.  Though some Gundam series are better than others I enjoyed it all to a degree (even the live action movie G-Saviour).  My favorite series have been the ones relating to the U.C. or Universal Century timeline.  While not all of the mech designs are as unique as other Mech shows, they have an extra bit of emotional oomph to them that the others do not.  Even Reconquista in G has the same feel as the series set in U.C. though from the perspective of a much happier main character.

Gundam Narrative is no different.  Although the main character seems perpetually depressed, the movie follows Jonas (pronounced yo-nahs) Basta as the pilot for Narrative Gundam, Michele Luio and the members of The Shezarr Team on their mission to capture the rogue Phenex Gundam – Unit 3 of the Unicorn project that had gone rogue during the incident of Unicorn Gundam.  Unknown to them, a small faction of Neo Zeon soldiers are also hunting Phenex, with a crazed Cyber-Newtype piloting the Sinanju Stein named Zoltan Akkanen.  Yes he, much like Full Frontal, also has a Neo-Zeong.

It is found out early on that the pilot of Phenex is a girl named Rita Bernal and that she was childhood friends with Michele and Jonas.  On a grade-school field trip Michele predicts the colony drop from Zeta and shows the prediction with Michele and Jonas.  The three kids then get media attention and are credited with saving a town and named the “Miracle Children.”  Their parents however all died and they were shipped off to a Titans facility.  This emotional attachment to the pilot of Phenex leads to some great moments from Jonas and Michele with a finale that is stunning and surprising.


The movie explains a bit more of what the Psycho Frame technology is and delves into the Newtypes and Cyber-Newtypes.  That bit of extra lore I found really interesting to learn.  It shows some of the atrocities kids go through who are to become Newtypes or who are being made into Newtypes and shows what sort of people they can turn into when they suffer.  Before the movie, there was a recap of the series leading up to Gundam Narrative at the theater I saw the movie at as well as a short interview with some of the people behind the movie giving us insight on what the series and taking part in the movie meant to them.  The NT in the title stands for both Narrative, as well as Newtype.  That bit of information added a new layer to the meaning of the movie for me.

The animation quality is fantastic, the story is great, and the characters are varied and have their own arcs.  Top it all off with added bits of lore and an ending that was not expected yet reminiscent of the end of Unicorn and you have yourself one HELL of a movie.  This movie can be watched on its own, but I recommend going into it having at least watched Unicorn, as you will get a better background for the events in the movie.  Though going into it after watching the series leading up to it will give you yet a more complete picture.  Sadly for my area at least tonight was the only showing.  However I do plan and HIGHLY recommend picking it up when it comes out on Blu-ray.  This is a must have for all Gundam fans and a great watch for any mecha fans out there. – TS

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