Anthem Open Demo Status and Twitch Giveaway

This will be a quick one fellow Freelancers.  After last weekends VIP Demo fiasco with connection issues at the start and the infinite loading screen plaguing many throughout its run, I am happy to report that while it is not perfect it is running so much better.  I connected right away as soon as the demo started and I have not had the infinite loading screen problem at all.  To put that in perspective, I got the infinite loading screen every time but once last weekend and I launched maybe around 20 missions (that’s a ton of infinite loading screens).  I did however get disconnected today once and I did launch into a mission with no audio but other than that it has been buttery smooth sailing.  So if you have been even the slightest bit curious about Anthem, PLAY IT THIS WEEKEND!!!  Do not forget that Sunday afternoon during the final hours of the demo Bioware has hinted that there will be a special surprise for players as well.


Now for the giveaway details.  A personal friend of mine and all around cool guy just started live streaming on Twitch and has already became an affiliate after a week.  As a celebration, he has decided to give out two copies of Anthem on February 22nd, one for PC and one for PS4.  There are three ways to enter, subscribing gives you 5 entries, every 100 bits donated gives you 1, and if you have a friend subscribe and shout you out, they will get their 5 and you will earn 2 tickets as well.  On February 22nd, he will be announcing the winners on his Twitch stream.  Why not come on down to Loony2unes on Twitch and check him out.  Give him a follow or a sub, even the free Twitch Prime sub will count for 5 entries into the giveaway.  See you in Anthem! – TS

The Anthem Open Demo runs from February 1st – February 3rd

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