Smallfoot Review

While everyone and their dog were going to the theater in droves to check out “Venom” this past weekend, I went with the wife and kids to check out a cute animated movie from the director of Over the Hedge (and co-directed by the visual effects animator on the best Spider-Man movie of all, Spider-Man 2) called “Small Foot“.  I knew barely anything about it going in but I was pleasantly surprised with how great it actually turned out to be.

Our story begins with an Abominable Snowman named Migo (Channing Tatum) who lives a comfortable life on a mountain above the clouds among a society of Abominable Snowmen (and women…….. and children).  They live by “The Stones“.  The rules and history that have been written on these stones govern their everyday existence.  There are a few village “weirdos” who question if the stones are true, but nobody believes them.  Life is perfect the way it is, so who cares what the stones say?  On the human side of things, there’s Percy (James Corden), a washed up tv show host who deals with exotic animals (think Crocodile Hunter, but with no integrity).  He wants his fame back and in order to do so, he’s going to stage a sighting of an Abominable Snowman with a costume he has.  Things are about to change though when Migo & Percy meet for the first time and…. ehhh I have a feeling you know where this is going.

The story isn’t anything new and the kids will likely just get a kick out of the comedy and animation, but there is a deeper message underneath that parents can relate to and even teach their children about.  It actually gets pretty heavy towards the end with hammering home its message, but it’s an important one.  Smallfoot is about trying to better understand the things we’re unfamiliar with.  Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean we should lash out at it or be violent towards it.

The animation throughout is well done and almost has a kind of Hotel Transylvania vibe to it.  The music is catchy, especially “Percy’s Pressure” (you can listen to it above) which is a reimagining of “Under Pressure” by Queen.  Usually, I can’t stand songs that are peppered throughout kids movies, but Small Foot didn’t have a song I didn’t like in it.  I was impressed.  The range of voice talent, which carries some big names other than Channing and James, such as Danny DeVito, Zendaya, Common & LeBron James fit just fine with their characters.  They all did a great job and help carry the story (Justin Roiland is in there too for all you Rick & Morty fanatics).

While it definitely has its funny moments that will have you laughing out loud, Smallfoot carries a deeper message.   It’s a timeless message that kids and parents can appreciate.  Because of this, it elevates Smallfoot above most kids movies that release today.  Definitely take the whole family to see this one. – NVJ

Smallfoot is now playing in theaters

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