James Gunn signs on for Suicide Squad 2

Since news recently broke out earlier today that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & 2, Slither and Super director James Gunn will be writing and (possibly/hopefully) directing the next Suicide Squad film, my mind has been racing.  This is huge news for DC fans!  According to Deadline, he will be taking a different approach to the squad than the previous film, which was directed by David Ayer.  Whether this means mixing up the original group or just starting over completely will have to be seen.

No one was exactly sure what James was going to get up to next when word got out that he was being fired by Disney for some ridiculous things he said almost a decade ago.  I’m not saying what he said wasn’t wrong (it was meant to be funny, but it ended up sounding pretty terrible) but considering it was that long ago and the circumstances surrounding the situation, I think a slap on the wrist could have sufficed.  DC has him now though and this has me hopeful for the future of the Suicide Squad franchise.  While I didn’t love the first one, it was still enjoyable, I just think it could have handled its characters better.  We’ve seen what Gunn can do with a large ensemble of characters, so here’s hoping he can bring that magic that he brought to Marvel to the Worlds of DC.

Whatever the case may be, I’m not concerned with DC becoming something greater now that Gunn is on board.  I loved Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman & Justice League (yes I’m one of those guys).  DC has been getting kicked while they’re down for too long now, but with Aquaman releasing in December and Shazam next April, things are looking up for bringing everyone back on board.  The future for Worlds of DC looks bright.  Out of this deal with James Gunn & DC though, I’m honestly just hoping King Shark shows up as a member.  It wouldn’t be out of character for James to include some of those more obscure DC personalities.  I mean, he brought a talking space raccoon to life.  Now that we’ve got Aquaman joining the universe this December, King Shark has to become a thing.

Make my dreams come true Mr. Gunn. – NVJ

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