My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Review

While it only had a limited run in theaters, if you consider yourself a fan of the anime, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a movie you definitely need to check out.  Unfortunately, without going into possible spoiler territory, I cannot tell you just how great the movie is.  Just know that it was definitely worth driving an hour and a half to sit in a crowded theater to see it.

When it comes to anime movies, in my opinion, I’m not overly picky and they always tend to be pretty entertaining.  My Hero Academia: Two Heroes doesn’t change that fact.  I have been watching the series for a while now and although the movie was dubbed (I usually watch the show subbed) the English voice actors here were great.  A near perfect fit for All Might and the cast of class 1-A.  All Might had a sort of generic “HA HA! I am here!” type hero voice in muscle form but the voice actor (Christopher Sabat who voices a handful of characters on Dragon Ball such as Vegeta and Piccolo) managed to make the weak All Might have a distinct voice.  So you get the good hearty hero voice for muscle form and a weaker yet still, All Might sounding voice for his other form.  Midoriya’s voice also fit him nicely.  He is an eager young man who tries to suppress his fanboy nature yet is failing miserably.  I laughed so hard at hearing the voice, it fits this character perfectly.  Mineta’s voice actor did him justice by making him have this sort of lisp that suits a pervert of his stature.  So as I said before everyone had some good voice actors that suited the characters well.  The music throughout was spot on, ramping up during the climactic end battle against the big villain.  The movie did not seem overly long either and ended at just the perfect moment


The story of Two Heroes takes place during summer break for UA.  All Might takes young Midoriya to I-Island for a special tech festival to meet his old buddy from his time in America, Dave Shield (voiced by Ray Chase).  There they meet Dave’s 17-year-old daughter, Melissa (voiced by Erica Mendez) who grew up “quirkless” despite having a father who has a genius type quirk.  So she and Midoriya instantly hit it off even though she does not know the truth behind One for All.  When Melissa shows Midoriya around the city they run into more and more classmates.  The movie focuses pretty much solely on the main group of 1-A but still pops in on some of the members that have no influence on the plot every now and then.  After they decide to meet up to go to a pre-show event together, they find out that  I-Island has been taken over by a group of criminals and the “Professional Hero’s” have all been tied up and unable to escape with the entire island being held hostage by the security system.  That just leaves the group of; Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, Uraraka, Iida, Kaminari, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Mineta, and Melissa to save the day.  The movie can easily fit into the canon since it takes place during a time that the anime barely touched upon and even had an episode (though out of place, where it should be) to set up the movie.  They even touch upon the fact that Midoriya needs a costume upgrade to handle his power and some character growth with Todoroki as well.

my-hero-academia-still-4 (1)

Sadly, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes isn’t in theatres anymore (it finished its limited run yesterday), but I am super excited for when it will be released on Blu-ray and will be picking it up to watch again (this time subbed).  I cannot recommend the movie enough and if you didn’t have the chance to catch it in theaters, hopefully, it releases on Blu-ray soon and absolutely make sure to pick it up then.  It is a must own for My Hero Academia fans. – TS

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