ZOE: Mars PSVR Demo Impressions

Immense power in a humanoid shape that towers over people.  That is what I think of when the word “Mech” is said. Ever since first seeing Gundam Wing when I was a kid, Mechs have fascinated and excited me beyond rationality.  When I heard that Zone of the Enders 2 was getting a remake for the PS4/PC, I was psyched. The first game is a lot of fun.  Simple but enjoyable combat and the bosses had a classic feel because they all had one mechanic that was the key to their defeat.  The second game had much of the same combat but went with bosses that have enormous health pools and are much better than you, with no glaring weakness like in the first game.  It took me a year to beat the Vic Viper fight.


Still, the games are fun and my favorite parts were the cutscenes where you could look around the cockpit of the Jehuty.  When I heard that the PS4 version would also add VR support, the game became a hands-down must buy.  After trying the demo my mind has not changed.  The game feels just like the one I remember playing on the PS3, except a bit more intense, since there is no viewing the back of Jehuty and melee covers nearly the entire screen with your target.

My main complaint with the combat is grabbing things.  Other than a little holo-Jehuty in the cockpit, I could not see any indication that I had actually grabbed anything.  It felt a bit disconnected.  The cutscenes appear to be the same, even the ones in the cockpit, which is disappointing as a virtual screen is displayed and I can only look around it using the left analog stick.  Hopefully in the full release, they just lockdown Jehuty’s position and let the player look around by moving their head.  Some cutscenes also seemed like they were missing frames, though it could be poor execution of slow motion for those scenes.  

Other than that, the brief 15-minute demo was great.  Just a better looking ZOE 2 with a new spin of using VR to play the game. If you enjoyed Zone of the Enders 1, and/or 2 then I cannot recommend the PS4/PC remake enough.  It ran just fine using a normal PS4, looks great, and is the same fast-paced mech combat fun of the original, but with the option of VR added. – TS

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS releases September 4th, 2018 on PS4, PSVR & Steam

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