What Video Game Do You Always Come Back To?

I know you have one.  Everyone has one.  The one you might revisit every year or so.  The one you’ve played a thousand times and would play a thousand times again.

Which one is your coveted title?

My guilty pleasure is Final Fantasy VII.  It never gets old.  The combat system, the story, the cross-dressing, the Chocobo breeding, the crazy hoof arms everyone has, the death of a beloved party member we shall not speak of because it breaks my heart.

I’ve owned pretty much every version of it.  PS1, PS3, PS4, PC (yeah I had the pyramid case), Steam.  I’ve almost unlocked the platinum trophy for the PS4 version.  I just need to take Barrett on a date at the Gold Saucer (it’s actually a lot harder than it sounds).  It’s one of those games Square-Enix could release on every console for the rest of time and I’d always be the sucker to buy it.  I’m also one of the many folks who can’t wait for the remake that will be releasing hopefully within our lifetime.

FF7 Remake.  The anticipation is killing me.  GIVE US A RELEASE DATE.

I know it overshadows the really great Final Fantasy VI (I haven’t hated any FF game I’ve played, they’re all great in my eyes), but VII is the one I always come back to again and again.

What game have you played to death?  Loved it so much you’ve searched every nook and cranny to achieve 100% completion?  I want to know.  I really do. – NVJ

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