Sony E3 2018 – OH. MY. GOD.

Where do I begin?  Sony started off with a bang debuting new gameplay footage of The Last Of Us Part II and never let up.  They’ve always had a way of making the whole experience intimate and that was no different tonight.  The room they showed The Last Of Us II in, it was the same room that everyone is dancing in at the beginning of the trailer.  Neat little touches like that really immerse you in the whole experience.  Lots of other great things were announced, like New Game + for God of War, and they’re even giving away a free copy of Black Ops 3 for PS Plus subscribers tonight!  My expectations were sky high and Sony delivered on all fronts.  It would have been nice to see Bloodborne 2 or the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but E3 2018 is just beginning, so we’ll wait and see what else pops up.

Here are the trailers that I enjoyed from the PlayStation Experience…

The one game I wanted to see the most at E3 2018.  Tons of emotion and violence.  Everything you’ve come to expect from this franchise.  It looks like Naughty Dog has crafted another masterpiece with The Last Of Us Part II.  I’m a huge fan of the original and I was happy to see that they’re delving deeper into Ellie’s story.  She really has grown up here.  She has also become a ruthless killing machine.  It was a bit strange not seeing Joel at all in the trailer, but I’m sure he’ll show up at some point.  Just give us a release date already!

When Insomniac unveiled their new Spider-Man game last year, it looked fantastic but everyone was scratching their heads when the villain was shown.  Mr Negative isn’t exactly the most popular in the Spidey universe, but fear not, this trailer puts that to rest.  There are a TON of Spider-Man villains in this game.  September, I eagerly await your arrival.

I love the Infamous and Sly Cooper series.  Sucker Punch has proven they can deliver a solid third person experience.  Ghost of Tsushima looks to be no different.  It also looks absolutely gorgeous.

I’m intrigued, but I honestly still have no idea what the hell this game is about.  If anyone could tell me what drugs Hideo Kojima takes, that would be great.

We’ve been seeing a ton of footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 and that trend continued tonight at the PlayStation Experience.  We got some great new story footage and a look at a new Pirates of the Caribbean level.  They’re also apparently releasing the entire Kingdom Hearts collection on PS4 which is pretty cool.  This game can’t come out quickly enough.

One of my favourite games of all time is getting an upgrade.  The crowd went wild for this one and rightfully so.  It looks terrifying.  Capcom, bless your heart for making this.

This game looks rad.  It looks like Quantum Break, but instead, it’s a PS4 exclusive.  It’s even by Remedy, the same developers behind Quantum Break.  Not much is known.  You have telekinetic powers and you’re in some strange, Inception type world.  I dunno how to describe it.  I like throwing things around with my mind.  Control will fill that void.

What did you guys think of the PlayStation Experience?  Let me know.

Tomorrow we get to see what Nintendo has in store for us at 12pm EST! – NVJ

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