Retro’s e-Sports Bar – A Hidden Gem In The Heart Of Peterborough

Retro’s had managed to stay off my radar since yesterday.  I can’t believe I never knew this place existed.  My family and I moved to Apsley, ON two years ago.  It has been open just over a year.  We don’t go to Peterborough that often.  That’s the excuse I’m going with as to why I’m late to the party.  Also, before you say “Your son in the featured image above is playing PS4 and drinking Guinness?  Shame on you!”, the glass had Pepsi in it.

If you’re really wondering, he’s more of a Budweiser kinda kid.


Walking in the front door from Simcoe Street, you take a few flights of stairs up and you’re at Retro’s.  The inside is adorned with game art, shelves full of games and lots of comfy couches to sit and areas to eat.  A quick walk through the inside and you’re out on a giant patio.  They’ve got everything from SNES to a room full of PCs to suit your mood.  They even hold tournaments and various events frequently so there’s always something interesting going on.  The best way I can describe it is you’ve died and gone to gamer heaven.  Everything from the food to game time was reasonably priced.  We opted to pay the $5 an hour for game time, but you can choose other packages if you plan on returning frequently.

Cohen and “best” uncle Dane playing Smash Bros

Our favorite spot was the patio.  With plenty of seating room, two N64s, and two Street Fighter arcade machines, we could have stayed there the entire time.  Retro’s is touted as kid-friendly, and there is a kids menu, but it’s first and foremost a bar/hangout.  The staff treated my little guy like a king, but maybe in the future, they could expand to have an actual kids area where you could hang out with the young ones.  Until then, you’re amongst the crowd and if someone drops an F-bomb because they lost a match, well that’s just the way it goes.

Enjoying his Yoshi Sliders

The food is fantastic.  I had “The Mini Boss“, a bacon cheeseburger topped with an over easy fried egg and aioli, which I upgraded for $3.  Extra pattie, extra bacon, extra cheese.  My son had the “Yoshi Sliders” which came with tots and apple slices.  He’s usually really finicky when it comes to eating out, but he actually ate all of it.  I was impressed.  My brother had the “Sonic Chili Cheese Dogs“.  Dane, the “best” uncle, ordered “Ganon’s Poutine“, which came with a heaping amount of pulled pork.  Sten went all out with the “The Great Malboro Burger“.  The thing looked insane.

The Great Malboro Burger

Overall, Retro’s is amazing.  There’s a large assortment of old school and new school games to check out.  The staff is friendly and eager to make sure you’re comfortable and taken care of.  The food tasty and filling.  It’s just such a chill spot to go and hang out, have some drinks and play some games.  We will definitely be going back there again in the near future. – NVJ

Retro’s e-Sports Bar is located at 172 Simcoe Street Peterborough, Ontario

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter or call them at (705) 775-3232 for more info

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