20XX Releases On Consoles This July

If the wait for Mega Man 11 is becoming a bit unbearable, 20XX seems poised to fill that void of frenetic platforming action you desperately crave.  Currently available on Steam, where it has sold more than 100,000 units, 20XX will be releasing on PS4, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One this July.  It could be the Mega Man X inspired game you never knew you wanted.

Check out the trailer below…

What makes 20XX so interesting is that every stage is procedurally generated, which means instead of trial and error/memorization, you’re going to have to rely on your situational awareness and grasp of the controls to get you through alive.

Included with the console edition are multiple difficulty settings, daily ranked challenges, local/online co-op, and access to a third playable character Hawk (she was previously only available as DLC on PC), who comes equipped with a “distinct whip-like attack that allows her to steal energy from enemies and power-up five unique special abilities.


20XX is a marriage of classic action platformer gameplay with modern roguelike design,” said Chris King, founder, Batterystaple Games. “The project has been such an incredible success for our team on PC and we can’t wait to bring console players into the fold when it launches in July.”

Count me in.

20XX releases on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 10th, followed by Xbox One on July 11th

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