Monster Prom Review

With only 3 weeks until the big night, you have to woo your potential date by any means necessary.  Seriously, you will do almost anything to secure a date for the Monster Prom.  I filmed an orgy that took place in the cafeteria so I could help blackmail the students to impress the girl I was going for.  It didn’t work out in the end, but you can’t blame me for trying.


I’m the dude on the far right, about to be rejected for the third time


Developed by Beautiful Glitch and published by Those Awesome GuysMonster Prom is a dating sim oozing with charm and wit, where you choose from one of four different monsters to play as, vying for a date with six potential lovers for the Monster Prom.  You’ve got Miranda Vanderbilt, a sweet mermaid princess.  Damian LaVey, a fearless demon with a taste for destruction and a love of fire.  Scott Howl, a werewolf athlete.  Liam de Lioncourt, a hipster vampire.  Polly Geist, a party ghost with an insatiable hunger for all the wrong things.  And finally, Vera Oberlin, a self-made gorgon with a merciless sense of business.


Starting out, you answer a series of questions that will give you your base stats: Smarts, Boldness, Creativity, Charm and Fun, which fluctuate based on the decisions you make throughout the game.  Games can be played with 1-4 players for different intervals.  1 player can play a 30 minute or 60-minute game.  1-3 players play a 70 or 90-minute game.  Playing the longer games just means you get to see more outcomes and you have a better chance of securing a date if you really don’t know what your date likes/dislikes.  There are 22 different endings, 388 events, and 1384 different outcomes, so there is definitely plenty to see.  What’s great is the game keeps track of what you’ve gone through when you finish a playthrough, so you’ll want to keep playing to see all the various things that take place over these crazy three weeks.


I fucked up


Each week, you’ll have the choice of going to the Auditorium, Class, Library, Outdoors, Gym or Bathrooms for Morning, Noon, and Evening.  What happens during this time is entirely up to what you decide.  Choosing Gym leads to a game of dodgeball that ends with you trying to change the rules of dodgeball to help your potential date out, only to realize you’ve come back to school four days later and everyone hates you for bailing.  You can show your vast knowledge of bands such as: Imagine A Fucking Dragon and An Actual Dead Mouse.  You could hack into one of your potential dates Instagram accounts and post pictures of porn and bombs to make them more popular, or eat a binding marriage contract from a game show host to protect everyone involved, which now means your stomach and intestines are married to said game show host.  The choice is yours.


Achievement Unlocked: Perv


The writing is consistently fantastic throughout.  I laughed out loud on numerous occasions.  Monster High this is not.  The artwork might look charming, but these characters are wild teenagers.  There are some truly outrageous things that happen.  These monsters snort cocaine, have previously mentioned orgies, sell used tampons.  I don’t remember high school being this crazy, but maybe I was in the wrong crowd?  Who knows.  You’ll also have the catchy music stuck in your head.  Especially the end credits tune Fifteen Minutes by Mike Krol (so catchy).


Monster Prom is a very entertaining dating sim.  From the excellent writing to the variety of outcomes in the story, you’ll find yourself playing all kinds of ways just so you can go to prom with all the monsters.  With the option to play with friends local or online, you get to finally see who has the charm or who will ultimately get rejected.  That’s my kind of fun. – NVJ

Monster Prom is now available on Steam and Mac for $12

Review code provided by Those Awesome Guys

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