What Games Have You Stopped Playing/Finally Decided To Finish?

Two years.

It took me two years to finally suck it up and finish Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.  I’m so happy I did.  What a masterpiece.  I’ve always loved the Uncharted series, and this one was the perfect way to finish Nathans story…… approximately two years later.  My thought process when I bought Uncharted 4 on release day, “I’ve platinumed the first three, I can just start this one off on Crushing, no problem right?”.


Dying got old fast.  I made it to Chapter 17, but it was too much for my master gaming skills.  Instead of dropping the difficulty, I just stopped playing the game altogether.  I was busy playing Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV with my buds.  Uncharted ended up falling by the wayside until a week ago.  I finally beat the damn thing on Crushing and felt so much satisfaction.  Seeing all those trophies pop up, oh baby.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is another game I started playing but ended up forgetting about for a while.  I turned into a vampire and didn’t know how to cure myself.  It was bullshit so I put off playing it for a couple of months until the Knights of the Nine DLC was released.  I read online what was needed to cure my vampirism and went on my quest to gather the badass Knight gear (that was also extremely overpowered).  Ended up beating the entire game too.  Not too shabby.


Demon’s Souls kicked my ass the first time I played it.  It’s a game I would never finish, even to this day.  It wouldn’t be until Bloodborne came out that I would fall in love with all of the Souls type games.  From Software has become one of my favourite developers working today.  I would love to see a remaster of this game at some point, and I can’t wait until Dark Souls Remastered comes out this year.  They’re all expertly crafted and really rewarding.  The only stipulation is you’re going to die…. a lot.

This was the fucking tutorial for Demon’s Souls

Ok, this next game I put off playing because I’m a wimp.

Resident Evil 2 released on January 21st, 1998.  The guy at Blockbuster told my Dad it was gonna be wicked awesome.  I was eleven.  Definitely not the best choice of game for me.  My Dad didn’t know any better of course.  He liked Mario Kart.  That was the extent of his gaming knowledge.  He knew nothing about Resident Evil.  He didn’t know it was rated M for Mature, or that it was a Survival Horror game set in a city that was overrun with zombies (I left that part out).  I tried to muster up the courage to continue, but I only made it to the part where you meet Ada Wong for the first time.  I had to wimp out.

It wasn’t until I was in High School (I was sixteen) that I would finally finish it and play it religiously (I could beat it in an hour.  True story).  Still waiting on the remake Capcom!

2 Spooky 4 Me
As the years go on, I like to think I’ve grown older and wiser (my wife would say something else).  I’ve tried to get better at choosing the games I purchase.  Trade in value is a bit shit these days, so I wanna make absolutely sure the game I’m buying is something that’s gonna give me my money’s worth.  It’s hard growing up man!

What games have you played and tossed to the wayside?  Anything you’ve gone back to and finished?  Give me all the details down below.  I won’t judge. – NVJ

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