Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Is Exactly What DC Needs Right Now

All you angry hooligans complaining about this animated film, get off that high horse of yours.  Teen Titans Go! To The Movies looks hilarious.  It’s not the mature version we want (we’ll be getting that soon), but I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t laugh during the new trailer.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for kids movies when the jokes are on point.  You can check it out for yourself below…

Hear me out.  Whether you want to admit it or not, this film is just what DC needs right now.  I’ve always considered myself a DC fanboy and I’ve enjoyed all the movies in the DCEU thus far (yes, I enjoyed Batman V Superman), but the DCEU has had a ridiculously hard time finding its place with moviegoers.  Justice League should have been a massive success.  Instead, it was one of the lowest grossing films in the DCEU.  Marvel absolutely has the upper hand.  Have you seen Infinity War?  It’s a triumph, and exactly what Justice League should have strived to be when it was in the works.  We’ve got Aquaman coming December 21st, but there haven’t been any trailers released just yet.  With the lukewarm reception from Justice League, the future looks grim for anything releasing in the future.  Hopefully, we’ll see something at Comic-Con.  For now, we’re left to speculate if it will be any good (in James Wan we trust).

Why So Serious.

With Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, there isn’t any pressure.  They have nothing to prove.  It’s not part of some rocky film universe that people demand should have its plug pulled and get a reboot.  It’s a silly kids movie with some great pop culture humor (and good ol’ fart jokes).  It’s hyper-aware of the blunders DC has had (poor Green Lantern).  It has no problem making fun of itself, and this is absolutely a great thing.  It’s like Warner Bros PG answer to Deadpool.  All you folks that think the DCEU is too dark and serious (but have no problem watching the Avengers get the absolute crap beaten out of them as the world slowly comes to an end around them), should find plenty to love here.  Plus, Nicholas Cage is the voice of SupermanWill Arnett is Deathstroke.  They’ve got some big-name actors on board, who have already proven they’ve got the chops to voice an animated movie (The Croods and Lego Batman, I’m looking at you).


Sure, Teen Titans Go is a bit insane, but there are some genuinely funny moments peppered throughout all the ridiculous plotlines (the episode where Robin clones himself is a personal favorite).  It’s one of those things I don’t mind sitting down with the kids and watching for a bit.  Our family is really looking forward to seeing this one on the big screen.  The last movie we watched together in theaters was Coco.  It was beautiful, but I’m not ready for that type of emotional investment again with a kids movie.  I took my eight-year-old daughter to see Infinity War and that was equally devastating.  We just really need to watch Balloon Man have his butt popped and Beast Boy laugh at him because he thinks Balloon Man is farting.  That’s what we need right now.

Will Arnett as Deathstroke?  Take my money.

The series is currently available to watch on Netflix, so if you’re not sure what it’s all about, stream a few episodes with the kids.  You can also stream them by yourself too if you like.  It’s pretty great.

So, will you be checking out Teen Titans Go! To The Movies when it comes to theaters this July?  Or, will you be one of those grumpy people who hate children shows/movies?

I really hope you’re the former. – NVJ

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies hits theaters on July 27th, 2018.

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