It Lurks Below – 7 Tips For Starting Out

It Lurks Below, a 2D-RPG survival game from Diablo and Marvel Heroes creator himself, David Brevik, finally leaves its beta stage today and is now available for Early Access purchase on Steam!  If you’re curious or not really sure what it’s all about, head on over to the Steam page here, or feel free to check out my first impressions on it (it’s great).

Like any survival game, knowing what to do at the beginning can give you a huge advantage and a head start on the trials you’ll be facing ahead.  Playing Minecraft with my kids has taught me many things.  I can now build my Minecraft starter home on day one, as opposed to living in a hole in the ground like I usually do.  Now, I pass my knowledge onto you.  These aren’t mind-blowing secrets.  These are just a few things that have helped me get ahead, and should give you a bit of an edge.

1.  At The Character Select Screen, Choose The Accessory That Gives You Badass Sunglasses


Ok, this really has no effect on anything.  It just makes you look cool.  Since we’re being honest, if you’re going to be fighting all manner of hellspawn, you should at least look badass doing it.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to be serious.

2.  Food Is Essential


You’ll be able to make a home to live in whenever you like, but you’re always going to be hungry.  You’ll find some Cabbage and Berries when you first start the game, but they rarely spawn again after they’re first picked.  Because of this, these first food findings should be treated like they’re your last.  The best thing to do is eat what you need and extract the seeds (by hovering over the food and pressing E) from the rest of the food you’re carrying.  Starting out a little farm early is essential to survival.  Every time you pick something from your garden, be sure to plant at least one or two seeds back into it.  Carrots and Cabbage can be combined to make a stew (it’s a trait in the skill tree I talk about below) which is very helpful.  If you can keep this rotation going, you’ll be able to stay focused on digging down for treasure with a full belly instead of starving to death over and over.

3.  Be Careful How You Spend Your Survival Points


As you mine into the ground, you can level up your Survival skill tree.  Each level grants you one skill point that can be placed into various traits within Farming, Cooking, Mining or Alchemy.  Because food and seeds are essential, placing points into the Farming category titled ‘More Seeds’ is a great place to start.  For each rank you place a point into this, you gain an increased chance of getting an extra seed from a crop.  Rank 1 (50%), 2 (75%) & 3 (100%).  You’ll quickly notice your farm growing exponentially because of this.

Note: Some of the traits are labeled WIP (Work In Progress) since this is Early Access.  These should be avoided until you have no choice but to put a point into them.

4.  Harvest Wheat Frequently


Your Ticket To The Good Life

Your first few quests will have you tasked with building your Wand and learning the basics.  This is great and they should absolutely be done.  Just make sure you plant some wheat early while getting a grip on the mechanics.  You should be able to find some laying about, so once you acquire a few bushels, extract the seeds.  For each bushel of wheat, you’ll extract two seeds (if you’ve been spending points in the trait ‘More Seeds’), which leads to my next step…….

5.  Unlocking The Banker Blueprint


You’ll need 10 x Wheat and 50 x Wood to unlock your first building blueprint, General Store.  After the first blueprint is unlocked and placed on the map, you’re given access to the absolutely essential Banker.  Your inventory will fill up quickly from all the loot the enemies drop, that’s why the Banker is so handy. You can leave all of your belongings that you currently aren’t using with him for safe keeping.  The Banker requires 25 x Wood, 25 x Cobblestone, and 10 x Iron Bars to place.

6.  Cut The Demon Ground Off From Spreading


I’m not sure what its exact name is, but the ground is festering.  It’s bloody, gross, and has eyeballs.  In short, it has got to go.  If you leave this unattended, I can guarantee you it’s going to cover the entire map.  To minimize the damage, just dig out a hole beside and around the demon ground.  The demon ground shouldn’t be able to grow any further across the map, allowing you to plant crops and build your village without worrying about lack of space.

And finally,

7.  Patience


It Lurks Below can be extremely unforgiving but also extremely rewarding.  It’s a ton of fun.  However, if you’re not careful, things can get overwhelming and before you know it, you’re out of food, exhausted, and you’ve died somewhere and dropped all your gear, causing you to try and build your gear back up but you just end up starting a new character altogether (this may or may not have happened to me).  Each choice you make can have dire consequences.  Just play it safe and you’ll be able to stay on top.

Alright, that’s all I’m saying!  It’s not much, but hopefully, it will get you started on your way to battling the demon spawn that ‘lurk below’. 

Happy Demon Hunting! – NVJ

It Lurks Below is now available for $19.99 on Steam-Early Access

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