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The Round Up – March 15th, 2018

Another week, another Round Up.

March break is here.  My kids don’t understand boundaries, so my free time is extremely limited.  When I do get said free time, all I want to do is chill out and game.  I’m still playing Monster Hunter World.  I’ve recently installed Call of Duty WWII and The Division thanks to my brother in law lending them to me.  I’ve only been able to play about an hour of each, so I’m eager to dive back into those.  I cancelled my WOW subscription and reactivated my Final Fantasy XIV sub (you can fight Kefka now… obviously I had to fight Kefka…. and yes, it was totally worth resubbing to fight Kefka).  The family and I went to EGLX last weekend and had a blast (you can check out my thoughts on the convention here).  This weekend, we’re heading to Toronto for some bonding time.  The hotel we’re staying at has a bunch of kids things going on, including a Mario Kart Tournament.  There must be some way I can fake my age so I can wreck the competition.  If not, I’ll just have to hope my son and daughters Mario Kart skills are sharp and ready.  I’ve been training them for this moment.

Here’s what’s on my mind this week……. which isn’t much now that I look at it.  


New Ready Player One Trailer gives me goosebumps

I can’t wait for this movie.

I’m a big fan of the book by Ernest Cline.  There were a few references to some games and movies that slipped by me, but the story had me from the beginning.  Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) loses himself in a virtual world called The Oasis.  The creator of this world, James Halliday (Mark Rylance), has hidden three keys for players to find.  Whoever finds the keys first will unlock the easter egg and gain control of the entire Oasis.  Wade ends up in a battle against an evil corporation called Innovative Online Industries (IOI) and literally the entire world for control.  Life and death stakes are at play here.

This could be one of the best video game movies ever (maybe dethroning my favorite, Silent Hill).  Steven Spielberg is always reliable when it comes to action, and this trailer is just a tease for some of the awesome set pieces awaiting us (there’s a T-Rex attacking racing cars in the street while Take On Me plays in the background).  There was a recent screening of the film at SXSW, and reviews have been positive (I’m gonna see it anyways, but it’s nice to know people are loving on it).  Definitely going to have to check it out in IMAX.  The hype is real my friends.

Ready Player One releases in theaters March 29th.  


Deviljho comes to Monster Hunter World on  March 22nd


Dubbed “Bazelgeuse On Foot” (I prefer “Beetlejuice On Foot “, but whatever), Deviljho will be making his appearance as a free update in Monster Hunter World next Thursday.  I’m currently sitting at Hunter Rank 52, and while I’m still making my way to 100, I’m really eager to fight a new monster and make some new gear like a Deviljho Switch Axe (that’s not what it’s going to be called, but I’m going to call it that).  Capcom has been doing a fantastic job supporting the game, and I can’t wait to see what other monsters they bring out next.  We’re also getting Mega Man armor for our Palicos on April 16th.  I’m personally waiting for Resident Evil 2 – Leon S. Kennedy armor for my hunter, but no word on that yet…. wink…wink.


Eureka has come to Final Fantasy XIV


The mention of Eureka will either bring happy tears, or the saltiest tears on Earth.  Patched into Final Fantasy XIV this past Tuesday, Eureka brings back (painful for me) memories of farm parties from Final Fantasy XI.  It’s an entirely new area to explore, with a new leveling system like Palace of the Dead (you can get up to level 20 in Eureka).  The only problem is, you’re literally just farming monsters for XP since there aren’t really any quests.  You gain elemental points which can be assigned and used to take down monsters based on what element they’re weak against.  I’ve only played about an hour of it and it doesn’t seem so bad.  I put in my time at Valkurm Dunes and this shit is way easier than that, it’s just tedious that’s all.  It’s also apparently the only way you’re going to get your Relic Weapon should you be one of those crazy people that gets those things (I’ve only ever done the first couple of relic quests for each expansion, it’s just too time consuming).  Right now, the only thing that keeps me coming back each new patch is the Omega raid.  We had a bunch of throwbacks to Final Fantasy V.  This recent patch gave us a bunch of Final Fantasy VI bosses like The Phantom Train and Kefka.  I’m a sucker for nostalgia, so I’m absolutely excited to see which Final Fantasy bosses we get to battle in the next major patch update (Sephiroth or Ultimecia?).  We also have new Hildibrand quests.  Life is good.

What are you guys playing/watching this weekend?  I wanna know.

That’s it for The Round Up, until next time! – NVJ


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