EGLX 2018

Yesterday, my wife and I made a trip to Toronto with the kids to check out EGLX.  Since 2016, game developers, artists, creators and competitors come together to showcase their work here at the convention.  As a first time experience, it was fantastic.  The kids had a blast, we got some cool merch, ended up with about 800 free Ready Player One posters, and we will definitely be checking it out again next year.

The Hooligans

Big Youtube names such as ProJared & PeanutButterGamer were on hand to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.  Nintendo had a cool booth (complete with comfy carpet floor) showcasing the Switch with playable games like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey & Pokken Tournament.


Tons of VR games were available to try out like Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul and The Exorcist.  We spent the majority of the time with the kids glued to the computers set up at the Brick Works Academy booth.  Encouraging kids to be creative, Brick Works Academy is a camp that has many different programs.  From robotics to building in Minecraft, all the way to learning about underlying math and strategy in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.  There’s something for everyone.

The hooligans even had the chance to take part in a Nerf battle courtesy of Battle Sports, and play some old school Street Fighter II.

The competitions being held while we were there were for Counter Strike: GO and Super Smash Bros.  The crowd was going wild for the Smash Bros fighters while we sat and watched while eating some munchies.


There were plenty of great vendors at the convention.  From beautiful artwork to t-shirts and plushies. you weren’t going home empty handed.

Glitch was showing off some of their unique artwork.  No, the cartridges aren’t real, they’re recreations.  It’s amazing what they’ve accomplished and would make a nice decoration for your house or game room.

If you’re interested in purchasing anything, check out the link here.

Another one of my favorites was Pixel Parasite (I’m a sucker for the old school, if you couldn’t tell).  Founded by Daryl Santos, recreating the little sprites we fall in love with is his specialty.  From key-chains to wall decorations, there’s lots to love.

Check out Pixel Parasite on Facebook

If you’re interested in seeing how the process is done, you can check out his Twitch channel.  If you order something, you can watch Daryl make it before your eyes, which is pretty awesome.

Pixel Parasite

They’re all fantastic, but the Chrono Trigger ones are definitely my favorite.  I’m gonna have to get the set.  No question.


Thanks for a great time EGLX, we will be back again next year!

If you were at EGLX 2018, what were some of your favorite things to check out?  Let me know! – NVJ


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