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The Round Up – December 13th, 2017

Another week, another Round Up

I’m not sure why I disliked Breath of the Wild so much when it first launched.  It didn’t feel like a Zelda game when I first played my brothers copy.  Weapons that break?  Food management?  That ain’t Zelda.  Now that I’ve had a substantial amount of time to sink into it (we bought a Switch for our kids for Christmas.  I’ve got till the 24th to beat it before I never see it again), I take all that back.  It’s gorgeous and has so much depth.  The land is so vast, and finding weapons and preparing for battles with all your food and armor feels right at home in a Zelda game.  The puzzles are also really satisfying to solve.  It’s a true adventure.  I love it.  I’ll never talk shit about you again Zelda.  I swear.

Here’s what’s on my mind…………

First look at the new animated Spidey film coming next year

Miles Morales will finally make his film debut next year.  A fan favorite (I hope Ben Reilly shows up, probably not) among many.  I’m thinking this is a great way to introduce the character and tie him into the MCU for whatever is coming after Infinity WarMiles’ uncle showed up in Spider-Man: Homecoming in the form of actor Danny Glover.  Now you just have to introduce his nephew.  I really love the animation style they’re going with here.  It’s hyper stylized and feels like a comic book world brought to life.  It’s also from the director of Rise of the Guardians, a fantastic children’s movie about the Sandman, Easter Bunny, Santa, Jack Frost & the Tooth Fairy.  Seriously, it’s really great.  Definitely hyped for this one.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse swings into theaters December 14th, 2018.

Ready Player One releases a new trailer with tons of Easter Eggs

Much like what the book was about (they’re on a hunt for easter eggs to claim the ultimate prize, which is control over the virtual world called ‘The Oasis’), the new trailer for Ready Player One is chock full of them.  Tracer (Overwatch), Ryu & Chun Li (Street Fighter), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), even Joker & Harley Quinn make appearances!  The book mainly focuses on 80’s pop culture, but it looks like they’re embracing all things nerdy, which is very cool.  If Steven Spielberg can pull this off, it could be the greatest video game movie ever made.  Be sure to check out the book too, you’ll finish it in a weekend.

Ready Player One comes to theaters March 30th, 2018.

From Software teases new game

When I first watched the teaser, I immediately jumped with joy thinking it was Bloodborne 2.  Now, after speculation from the internet, this might not be the case.  It could be a new Shadow Tower (hence, Shadows Die Twice), or a sequel to their PS2 horror game Kuon (I had to look it up cause I’d never heard of it).  Whatever it is, the teaser trailer has everyone in a frenzy.  It could even be a totally new IP, no one knows.  The teaser showcases the classic fucked up imagery you’ve come to expect (from) From Software.  Anything new from them is reason for excitement.  I’m sure we’ll find out more in the coming months.  For now, just keep watching this creepy thing over and over over.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out this week!


Reports are tracking for this to open around $400 million this weekend.  It’s not that surprising really, Star Wars is huge.  Director Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick) is behind this one, which is awesome because he’s fantastic.  Apparently Disney has signed him on to write a whole new Star Wars trilogy.  If those two reasons don’t make your expectations soar off into space, I don’t know what will.  My father figure was kind enough to pre purchase IMAX tickets for this Saturday.  My brother and daughter will also be accompanying us.  In short, it’s going to be awesome.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters tomorrow.

Destiny 2 is currently a steaming pile of shit

I found this online, seemed suitable.  Destiny 2 is Destiny Poo.

Honestly, I really wanted to love it.  I enjoyed raiding with my tight clan, but goddamn is this game a hot mess right now.  Bungie released their new expansion Curse of Osiris, with an interesting feature.  The raid, which was available with the game at launch, (you know, the game I paid $80 for) was made unavailable, unless players purchased the new DLC.  PC players just bought the game like 6 weeks ago, and now they have to drop more cash on the game they just purchased?  Now, if that doesn’t look like a scumbag move to you, you need to take off those rose colored glasses you’re wearing.  They did announce yesterday that they will be removing this ban, and you’ll now be able to run the raid without purchasing the DLC.  Really, it’s too little, too late for me.  It’s just another nail in the Destiny 2 coffin.  When it first launched I thought it was great, but now the kinks are starting to show.  I haven’t even bothered to purchase this new DLC yet (I’m calling it DLC because that’s what it is.  It’s laughable to call it an expansion).  Let’s just say, the next “expansion” better blow our fucking minds if Bungie ever wants my money again.

Which leads me perfectly to this…..

This is beautiful.  Zachary Levi (Chuck, Shazam!) said what was on everyone’s mind during his presentation for Best Action Game at The Game Awards.  Micro-transactions have become a hindrance on the gaming community.  After the recent debacle with EA and their bullshit micro transactions with Star Wars Battlefront 2 (you could pay to unlock powerful characters, or grind for hours for free, which meant people willing to pay real money were at an advantage), it has become more prevalent recently, and is catching plenty of attention (which it should).  I don’t care about loot boxes if they’re purely cosmetic.  These other shitty ways of making money in games aren’t gonna go away unless more people bring up how ludicrous it is.

That’s it for The Round Up, until next time! – NVJ

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