I’m hooked on WOW again because of my wife

As a dedicated Final Fantasy XIV player, I feel like I’m cheating on my beloved FF with a blog title like that.  My wife and I have played WOW (World of Warcraft, for you folks that have been living under a rock) on and off since it launched back in 2004.  The Burning Crusade expansion was the one that ignited our love for it (her favorite).  Wrath of the Lich King being my favorite out of all the expansions.  Anyways, my addiction began innocently enough a few months back.  My main was a level 107 Rogue and I didn’t feel like slogging through the recent expansion, Legion, and its story to 110.  My MMO of choice is usually FFXIV.  I’ve finished the Stormblood campaign and am currently making my way through the new Omega raid.  My wife however, is rocking WOW as a 110 Priest.  She’s currently almost item level 930.  She’s running mythics, raids, and needs billions of Artifact Power to level up her weapon.  In short, she’s far superior than me.  Our wedding anniversary was back in July, so all she wanted was for me to reactivate my subscription and play a bit (kinky, no?).  I made my way through Highmountain and “Insert forest place here”.  The quests weren’t that interesting but at least I was playing.  After a day of solid grinding, I had reached the Holy Grail that is level 110.  Now, this was the moment where the game sunk its teeth into me.  Months later, I’m hooked like I was back in Wrath (curse you beautiful wife).

An overwhelming amount of content unlocks at 110.  You gain access to World Quests, which are dailies that allow you to earn rep and powerful equipment with different factions.  You gain access to Suramar, a new area which has a really cool and interesting questline.  Recently, Blizzard added in the Broken Shore, which is a new area and more content to get through.  More recently, they’ve added in the doomed planet Argus, with new questlines and a raid.  As you finish quests, your main source of “XP” at 110 is Artifact Power. On your way to 110 you’re getting this stuff here and there, but now you’re gaining it by the billions.  It reminds me of the Paragon System from Diablo 3.  You’re constantly trying to make your character more powerful and this how you do it. Obviously you’re gaining new gear, but you’ve had this weapon since you started out in the Legion expansion.  There’s a bond there (you’re my boy blue).  Blizzard has really outdone themselves.  This expansion is like a never ending buffet.  Once you think you’re done with one thing, a whole bunch of new content unlocks.  I’m also impressed that Blizzard has finally opted to include account wide unlocking on certain things.  Being a FFXIV player, you make one character, and that character can play as every class, whenever.  When you play WOW it feels like you’re blocked off.  I’ve learned to deal with it now though.  It would be nice, say, to play a Blood Elf, and be able to play as every class associated with that race, on one character.  It would eliminate having to make 5 Blood Elves (what, I like Blood Elves) just so I could have them each as a different class.  Anyways, back to this account wide stuff.  Once you’ve done all the quests to unlock flying on one character, it’s unlocked for all your others.  Artifact Knowledge (it gauges how much Artifact Power you earn through quests and drops) can be maxed out on one character, which then transfers over to all your other toons.  It’s an amazing feeling getting a second (or third….or fourth) character to 110, receiving 3 billion Artifact Power from a quest, and then power leveling the ever living crap out of your weapon.  I really hope this account wide stuff carries over to the next expansion.

Can’t wait to try out the new races in the next expansion

Now, my Rogue is currently sitting at ilvl 920.  I just recently unlocked flying in the Broken Islands.  I’ve completed the Mage Tower for my Assassination weapon, and I’m trying to finish 10 Legion dungeons to get my cool new skin for said weapon (it’ll match my outfit.  You gotta look good killing things you know).  I’ve also leveled two other characters (Demon Hunter, Paladin) to 110 and I’m working on a fourth (Warrior).  Final Fantasy just can’t hold my attention right now.  Once a substantial patch comes out for it, I’m sure I’ll revisit the world of Eorzea.  I’m also currently playing through Breath of the Wild (we bought a Switch for our kids for Christmas.  I’m just testing it out until December 24th….. you know…… for academic purposes) so there really isn’t any time for other games.  The guild we’re in is also way more active now.  We’re running mythic dungeons and old raids for guild achievements and mounts.  I hope we’ll be able to start running the new Antorus raid in the coming weeks, so long as everyone is properly geared.

With the next expansion looming just over the horizon (check out the badass cinematic above), it’s a great time to be a WOW player.  It’s become a nightly thing, where we can’t wait to get the kids to bed so we can run some dungeons or raids.  I’m a bit disappointed that after Legion, we are going back to Horde vs Alliance.  It seemed to me that we had put aside our differences (seriously, the world was coming to an end), and maybe we were headed for an FFXIV kind of truce, where we could all play together (that would seriously eliminate dungeon ques for dps).  Whatever though, more content is always a good thing.  I’m really looking forward to the 6 new races to try out too whenever Battle for Azeroth decides to release next year.  I think I’m going to roll a Void Elf & Zandalari Troll.   It can’t come soon enough!

Is there any games you love playing with your loved one?  Let us know! – NVJ

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