Our Favorite Horror Games

Halloween is here!

It’s that time of year again.  It’s that time where you can revisit some of the classic horror games you love (or if you’re like us, you just play them all the time anyways).  This list we’ve compiled is OUR top favorite horror ‘games’.  We aren’t looking at franchises.  Also, some of these games might not be considered “horror” games to some of you, but they have horror elements in unique forms.  They’re the games that have given us some serious goosebumps.

Time to get spooky……

#5 – Corpse Party


A fantastic Japanese horror video game with 16-bit graphics.  Corpse Party has you taking on the roles of seven classmates and their teacher as they struggle to survive and find their way out of the nightmarish halls and rooms of the ghostly Heavenly Host Elementary.  Featuring a great soundtrack, haunting visuals, and a terrifying story, it’s the perfect game for Halloween.  Make sure to wear headphones! – BAJ

#4 – The Town of Light

The Town of Light_20170602164339

This one is a little different.  It doesn’t deal with the monsters you’re used to in horror games.  This one deals with the real ones.  You navigate an abandoned mental hospital, finding out bits and pieces of your past as you go along, concluding with a shocking revelation.  Full of heartbreak and some genuine scares.  The Town of Light will get under your skin and stay there long after you’ve finished.  – NVJ

#3 – The Last of Us


From Naughty Dog, the creators of the Uncharted series.  The Last of Us is a masterpiece.  A tale about a virus outbreak that sweeps across the world.  You take on the role of Joel, a father that had to witness the death of his daughter in his arms as the apocalypse began.  You end up meeting up with a young girl named Ellie, and she takes over as your surrogate daughter.  The story goes to some pretty dark places, and the harsh world only makes your struggles harder.  With lots of great moments and character development throughout, it was an instant classic at release.  If you’ve played this, you’ll feel the same as me when I say the wait for Part II is unbearable.

#2 – Resident Evil 2


When I first played this game, it terrified me.  I was 13 at the time, and my Dad and I went to Blockbuster to pick it up on launch day.  I had played the short demo initially (it came with Mega Man 8, of all things) and thought it was pretty cool.  Even the guy that rented it out to us had his copy hidden away for later.  This was THE game to play that year.  I was on edge from the moment it started.  The fixed camera angles didn’t help my anxiety either.  If you made it through disc 1 and decided to load up your save for disc 2, you were met by the ruthless Tyrant (who would later be replaced by the gruesome Nemesis in Resident Evil 3).  With multiple characters, playthroughs and endings, the replay value is through the roof.  I’ve played through it so many times now that it doesn’t have quite the effect on me that it used to, but I’ll always remember this one when I think of pure survival horror. – NVJ

Honorable Mentions

– P.T.


It’s a shame we’ll never get to see this get an actual launch.  Released as a playable teaser (hence P.T.), players woke up in a room with the only way out being a door.  If you chose to go through, you were treated to one of the most insane mind fucks ever.  Created by Hideo Kojima & Guillermo Del ToroP.T. was supposed to be the next entry in the Silent Hill franchise.  Nobody knew this until they had completed the teaser and its puzzles.  Those who made it through were treated with a cutscene of Norman Reedus walking down a street with the title ‘Silent Hills‘ popping up at the end.  This really could have been some next level, scary stuff.  At least we’re getting the similar Allison Road that could potentially scratch that psychological horror itch we’ve had since playing P.T.  Since the falling out with Hideo and Konami, this game was taken off the PSN store.  If you didn’t have a chance to download it before it was gone, you won’t be able to ever get it (unless you go on Ebay and spend a shit load of money on a PS4 that has it installed).  I still have it on mine, but I don’t think I’ll ever play it again.  Once was enough for me thank you very much.

– Minecraft


Seriously, this game freaks me out.  Zombies bang on your door at night.  There’s a mansion that randomly pops up in the world that has random rooms in it and weird enemies that live there.  Some of the music discs you find are filled with creepy music or sounds (one even sounds like someone trying to run away and hide from something that’s relentlessly hunting them).  For a “kids” game, this shit ain’t no joke…………oh……. it’s just me that finds it unsettling?


Well, alright then.  Moving on.

#1 – Silent Hill 2


This game is brilliant.  The atmosphere, the music, the monsters.  It still haunts me to this day.  You play as James, who has received a letter from his dead wife telling him to meet her in the town of Silent Hill.  If it was me, I would have just went the other way, but no!  We must confront our demons, because this is a Silent Hill game goddammit.  This one introduced us to the iconic Pyramid Head.  It also had an unforgettable story & ending, easily making it one of my favourite horror games of all time. – NVJ

So that’s it!  Did any of your favorites make the list?  If not let us know in the comments below so we can play them and shit our pantaloons. 


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