The King of the Inhumans is here

Last Thursday, Black Bolt finally made his debut in Marvel Heroes Omega.  He’s a force to be reckoned with.  His powers are extremely useful in many situations, making him a wise choice for any player or skill level.  We just got the Apocalypse Event Pack the week prior, which included all things Omega for Jean Grey, Psylocke, Storm & Magik.  Now, a week after that, we received the Black Bolt hero pack.  I’m pretty sure next month we’re going to see something coincide with the release of Thor: Ragnarok (I’m gonna take a wild guess and say we’re getting Omega Prestige for Thor & Hulk, along with their movie costumes, you can already see on their character screen there’s Omega stats).  With all this content releasing within its first year of release, you can’t deny it’s an exciting time to be a Marvel Heroes Omega fan.

Marvel Heroes Omega_20171011224152
Black Bolt’s attacks make quite the impression

I’ve been playing Black Bolt for about a week now, and I’m really enjoying him.  What will immediately stand out to players that don’t really know who Black Bolt is, is the lack of things he says.  Most of the heroes in the game can’t shut up.  He doesn’t make the same quips as the other characters, because he can’t.  His voice is too powerful, so he chooses to stay mute and use sign language (in this he’s mute and his sign language is pummeling enemies to a fine pulp).  It’s cool being the silent hero, just kicking ass and not speaking a word.  I’ve been using him for farming Infinity Points & gear.  A large portion of his abilities involve grouping enemies together and unloading insane amounts of damage with his signature power (lots of AOE).  I’ve yet to get him up to Omega level, but the build below is what I used to complete his Cosmic Trial.  The legendary I’ve been using is the Cosmic Control RodBlack Bolts attacks mostly use Energy, which makes this a perfect fit.  If you can get it to Rank 5, just watch the damage stack up.

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Black Bolt is currently available for $26.99 on PS4 & Xbox One.  Like Elektra and other packs before, you get Black Bolt, his new costume from the Inhumans show, two experience boosts & a Marvelous Loot Box.  The King of the Inhumans is cool but I still find myself flip flopping back to Venom, which doesn’t help very well with progression.  They’re both great characters so you can’t go wrong with either.  If it’s your first time getting into Marvel Heroes Omega, Black Bolt is a solid choice for starting out.  He’s a great addition to the already fantastic roster of heroes, and definitely worth your money.  Also, take out a second mortgage on the house and get ready for the Omega Thor & Hulk pack………  Just saying. – NVJ

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