My Discourse Community

Learning time!  So, in my Communications course in college we are currently working on discourse communities.  A discourse community as explained by John Swales, is a group of people with certain characteristics such as special ways of communicating (like DPS, damage per second), goals that each member shares, and of course, novices and experts.  It’s essentially a fancy word for a clan.  I wanted to share my thoughts on the site here as the creator of ReelGeekGaming, Nigel Jones (aka my brother) is a member of my discourse community and I thought it would be fun to share our experiences with a greater audience.

Destiny 2_20170922212000
Just after we beat the Destiny 2 – Leviathan Raid

Like many people, I really enjoy gaming.  I enjoy different genres of games and especially of how relaxing they can be after a long day. Playing games alone is fun, but I absolutely love when a group of people come together to play. This is where my discourse community comes in, to play games together and to enjoy them together. It’s a tight knit group, many of them are real life friends of mine, some are from another country (the United States) and one member is my brother. I’m drawn to the community mostly due to the fact we’ve been playing games for years and because we can chat with one another about real life stuff.

My brother and I doing a nude boss run in Bloodborne

We get together online mostly through Facebook or text messaging, with communication occurring through PlayStation chat, Skype, or Discord. The many games we play include Destiny, WoW, Final Fantasy, Minecraft, and others. We also play Dungeons & Dragons on a site called Roll20 which enables us to play when we can’t get together, but also for when our friends from the States want to play. I play the role of Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons, so I play as the enemies, the characters the players meet, and tell the story. With this I like to think that I’m oftentimes a mediator or someone that helps bring the group together for game time, plus helping with others in case they need help with something. The group carries that role as well.

My discourse community gives me a nice reprieve from day to day life, but also people to talk to and have fun with at the same time. The Internet is a great tool to bring us together and I enjoy the goals we have; to play games, to have fun, and to experience the different challenges that come along with them.

Destiny 2_20170909004356.jpg
A nice start to Destiny 2, looking back on past achievements

Honestly I could write about it all day, just tonight we were doing PvP in Destiny 2 (Trials of the Nine, let’s just say I needed to get the blood pressure down after that), laughing, having a good time, getting super pumped when we won a match, etc.  It’s great having a solid group of friends to run content with. Next time, instead of the video game side I’ll talk about the Dungeons & Dragons side of it and of the many adventures, or misadventures we have. With that said, what does everyone else have for a discourse community? If you have any ones you are a part of, drop by in the comments and let us know! – BAJ

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