MHO Age of Apocalypse – Event Pack Review

This past Thursday, Xbox One & PS4 players were finally given the chance to go up against Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen.  With this update came a ton of new goodies and some quality of life improvements (you don’t have to hold X to donate/sell, praise jebus!).  There’s the new Age of Apocalypse operation available at level 11.  Omega trials to unlock the new difficulty.  Storm, Jean Grey, Psylocke & Magik can now go Omega Prestige, unlocking their true potential.  The big draw with this patch, is the $80 Age of Apocalypse Event Pack that includes; Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke & Magik with Omega Prestige unlock and their new costumes, each with a unique ability, 8000 G’s & 10X Combination Boosts.  The question is, is the Apocalypse Pack worth your investment?  My answer: yes, yes it is.

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If you buy the Apocalypse pack solely for the 8,000 G’s, that alone makes it worth the investment.  When you look at it that way, you’re essentially getting 4 Omega Prestige’s for free.  The costumes the ladies get all look fantastic and each ability that comes with them is fairly over powered (Storm’s acid rain in particular is extremely deadly, making the lower levels a cake walk).  I had never tried Psylocke before, but after using Omega Prestige on her, I’ve got her at level 60 and just completed her Cosmic Trial last night.  I also splurged with the G’s I had and went Omega Prestige with Spider-ManVenom had sucked me back in, but now I find myself playing all the time since acquiring this Apocalypse pack.  Trying to max out each character is ridiculously addictive, especially when you throw in Omega Prestige.

If you’re unsure on what the Omega Prestige system is, essentially once you’ve Omega Prestiged on the characters that are available for it (currently, Spider-Man, Jean Grey, Psylocke, Storm & Magik) either by buying their corresponding Prestige Pack, buying them for 3000 G’s in game, or hitting regular Prestige 6 times and then using the proper items to go Omega Prestige (did you get all that?), you can start building their stats even further.  Once you’ve gone Omega, you can Omega Prestige a maximum of 70 times each time you level a hero to 60.  It’s a gamble, because the XP you need every 10 Omega Prestige increases by 20%, but you’re constantly building your character up even further.  Throw in leveling Infinity Points & Legendaries and there goes an enormous amount of your free time in a night (like I said, ridiculously addictive).

The Apocalypse event itself is fairly short, with you battling the Four Horsemen, and Apocalypse just kinda doing his thing in the background.  You don’t fight him yourself, so it’s a little underwhelming for a villain like him.  But hey, it’s a free update, and I enjoyed being able to farm this new Operation quick and easy.  Hopefully in the future we’ll be getting some more substantial story content or maybe raids.  Maybe get the proper Four Horsemen?  I’d love to have seen Gambit or Archangel.  For now, we must patiently wait.

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If you’r not interested in buying the Apocalypse Pack, you could always opt to buy some Apocalypse Loot Boxes.  Typically I avoid them because I never have any luck with them.  However, I decided to buy X5 and I ended up getting Age of Apocalypse costumes for Kitty Pride, Nightcrawler and the maskless Deadpool costume!  Either I just had great luck or they’ve increased the drop rates on the good stuff (I hope it’s the latter).

Overall, more content for one of the best free to play games around is never a bad thing.  The pack may seem like a steep price, but when you look at what you’re getting with it, it’s a great deal.  Plus, with the 8000 G’s, you can buy the recently announced Black Bolt when he releases next week in honor of the (apparently) awful Inhumans show!  I haven’t seen it myself, is it really as bad as they say?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re a huge fan of Marvel Heroes Omega, purchasing the Age of Apocalypse Event Pack should be a no brainer. – NVJ


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