Venom – My New Main in MHO

These words have been thrown around a lot lately.  “Venom is my new main”.  I’ve always thought he was such an amazing villain in the Marvel universe, but I wondered how well he would play compared to all the other characters?  Well, I’m happy to report that after spending a considerable amount of time playing him in Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 (thank you Gazillion), I’m hopping on the bandwagon (you should too).  I just finished his Cosmic Trial and went prestige yesterday afternoon.  Needless to say, I’m eager to start the leveling process over and gear him up even further.

Marvel Heroes Omega_20170919011631

Spider-Man has always been one of my favourite comic book heroes.  When Marvel Heroes first launched on PC back in 2013, his pack was the first I purchased for Early Access.  It even came with the awesome Scarlet-Spider outfit (why the Ben Reilly costume hasn’t been implemented into the console versions yet boggles my mind).  I’ve tried all of the characters, and he’s the one I always go back to.  With the release of the Venom pack, things have drastically changed.  Spider-Man, take a seat.  In a lot of ways, he plays like a beefier version of Spidey.  You’re tossing pieces of cement at enemies, firing webs at rapid speed.  The difference with Venom though are his transformation attacks.  You can choose a talent to go into stealth and then attack your unsuspecting enemy as some crazy looking symbiote creature.  You can pull enemies in with your tentacles, and unload on them with some severe burst attacks, dishing out insane amounts of damage.  His ultimate looks amazing too.  He lets out a scream and tendrils go everywhere, attacking all enemies on screen (it looks really badass).

Playing as Venom is a bit of a catch twenty two.  Most of his abilities take away his health with the trade off being increased damage.  One perk in particular ‘Ichor‘ caters to this.  As you use your health spending powers, your Ichor bar fills.  When the bar has filled, your next attack will do an extra 300% damage.  After messing around with a bunch of different builds, I’ve become comfortable with the ‘Hits like a truck’ build that helped me beat his Cosmic Trial.  I wasn’t exactly geared, but I managed to finish it with about 6 seconds to spare (as you can see in the video above).  The beauty of Marvel Heroes is that there really isn’t a viable choice for how you play a character.  They’re all fairly versatile.  Venom is no different.  He can be a tank or damage dealer, whatever suits the situation.  He really is a great addition to any team.


Venom’s pack is currently priced at $26.99 and only available till September 27th.  With the purchase of it, you get Venom, his Anti-Venom costume (no Flash Thompson costume sadly, hopefully soon though), 2 XP Boosters and 2 Marvelous Loot Boxes.  He’s totally worth the investment.  You’ll get hours and hours of fun out of him, and you’re supporting one of the best developers/PR around.  If not, you can always just wait until he’s available to purchase with Eternity Splinters, whenever that happens (BUT THAT COULD TAKE FOREVER!).  Now, if we can just get Carnage thrown into the mix (and a Scarlet Spider costume for Spidey & a Flash Thompson one for Venom….. did I mention Flash Thompson?  Because Flash Thompson) I’ll be a happy camper.  – NVJ


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