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The Round Up – September 19th, 2017

Another week, another Round Up.

It’s my sons 5th birthday today!  Happy birthday Cohen!  My wife and I gave him his birthday present early.  We’ve been telling him for awhile now that he was going to be getting underpants for his birthday.  He didn’t believe us.  When we decided to finally give him his birthday “present” well….. let’s just say he wasn’t too pleased.  We gave him his official present (Xbox One) and he was as happy as a bee in honey.  We’ve been playing Rare Replay.  He loves it.  I’m reliving my childhood.  Win/Win in my books.  I’ve also been going through the new Destiny 2 raid, Leviathan with my static.  We made it to the final boss, Calus lastnight, but it was too late for my old body to give him a go.  Hoping to have him down before next Tuesday.  I also purchased Divinity during the PSN sale for $16.  I’ve heard nothing but good things and I’m itching for a decent RPG.

Anyways, let’s see what’s going on this week……..

Final Fantasy IX releases on PS4 today/proceeds to eat my wallet whole


When I heard the news yesterday that Final Fantasy IX was releasing on PS4, I was ecstatic.  When I found out that it was already on the PSN store today, I was even MORE elated.  I’m a big fan of its return to the classic RPGs of old.  Also, Vivi.  FFIX couldn’t be bothered with Materia or the Draw system from FFVIII (I love VIII, but that Draw system was beyond tedious).  There wasn’t any number of different jobs to choose from.  It was just a straight up RPG.  It’s a great game with some really interesting characters (Vivi).  It’s also got a ton of heart (did I mention Vivi?…… I did right?).  I’ve been itching to play it again, but I was holding off.  The local used game store is selling it for $15, so I figured why not wait and get trophy support on PS4………. $28 FOR A FUCKING DIGITAL PS1 GAME?  I live in Canada, and I’m aware that it’s currently $16 on the U.S PSN store.  Final Fantasy VII costs $15 and when it first released I’m pretty sure I only paid $10. FFIX is currently on “sale” for $23, but come on.  You’re playing a dangerous game with my nostalgia Square-Enix.  I have $12 on my PSN right now, and I really don’t feel like throwing an extra $10 on there so I can get this.  You get a theme, but I don’t think that justifies the price tag.  I was eager to play it but maybe I’ll wait for some crazy sale to come around sometime soon.  I also just bought Divinity, so there goes my life.

Marvel Heroes OmegaVenom is a beast


I just started playing the nasty symbiote last night (I’m level 20).  He’s a beefy version of Spider-Man (with a bit of Hulk thrown in), and an absolute blast to play.  Why the Flash Thompson costume isn’t available is a bit of a mystery.  Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.  Venom is currently $26.99 for a limited time.  Included in the pack are 2 Marvelous Loot Boxes, 2 XP Boosters, and his Anti-Venom costume.  If you have no idea what Marvel Heroes Omega is, you’re missing out on one of the best free to play Diablo style RPGs around (yes Path of Exile is awesome too).  Check out my Top 10 Heroes from Marvel Heroes Omega to see what heroes you should give a try (they’re all free up to level 10).  I’ll give my full review on the character once I’ve reached max level.

A Hole New World is now available on PS4


It’s been out for about a week now on PS4.  It’s also available on Xbox One & Steam.  A Hole New World is EASILY one of my favourite games of the year.  From the NES style graphics, to the tough as nails gameplay.  It’s a charmer.  Read my review to see why it deserves all of your attention.  GO PLAY IT RIGHT NOW.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle releases on Friday

I expect this to be nothing less than amazing.  The first Kingsman came out of nowhere and blew my mind (the church fight alone is worth the price of admission).  We’re even graced with the return of bad ass spy, Harry (Colin Firth).  It looks like it’s going to be a blast, with a hell of a supporting cast.  I’ve got this one on my radar, as should you.

10 days till the SNES Classic!


I’m stoked!  I’m diving right into Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy III once I’ve picked it up.  I’m also currently writing a piece about why RPGs are my comfort food.  If they were edible they’d be fucking delicious.  I’m also excited to give Castlevania IV a go.  It’s been ages since I’ve played that.  I’m like a kid at Christmas.  If you’ve snagged a SNES Classic, let me know what games you’re most excited for in the comments.  It’s almost here!

That’s it for The Round Up, until next time! – NVJ

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