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The Round Up – September 12th, 2017

Another week, another Round Up.


It’s all consuming right now.  My Titan’s light level is currently 248 (I’ve been slacking) but I should be able to get it up for the Leviathan raid tomorrow.  The minimum requirement will be within 260-280, so here’s hoping.  I’ve really been enjoying my time with it.  The story, graphics, gameplay, the clan perks…..  it’s everything the original Destiny should’ve been.  I can’t wait to see what the expansions have in store for us.  It’ll easily be my most played game for a couple of years (till Destiny 3 probably).

Let’s see what’s on my mind this week (which isn’t much considering all I’ve been thinking about is Destiny DOH).

Star Wars Episode IX to be directed by J.J. Abrams


This is great news!  I thought he did a fantastic job with Episode VII, so we know the franchise will be in good hands.  Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) was originally signed on to direct, but has since been removed from the project due to “friction” with Lucasfilm (this seems to be happening a lot lately).  I’m sure he would have done a great job, but at least now there’s no need to worry.  What do you guys think?


Darren Aronofsky’s new film ‘mother!’ looks insane

From the director of Requiem for a Dream & Black Swan.  If you haven’t seen those (shame on you) or you have and that’s not enough to push you to check out his latest film….. shame on you.  Darren has always had a knack for delivering some truly devastating moments in his films, and this one looks like it’s not going to stray to far from that formula.  Plot details have been scarce.  Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) and Him (Javier Bardem.. seriously, that’s their names on IMDB) have their tranquil life disrupted when uninvited guests (Ed Harris & Michelle Pfeiffer) show up at their door.  The advertising campaign promises something truly fucked up & disturbing, here’s hoping it delivers.

mother!  opens in theaters this Friday.

Nintendo promises to release more NES Classics in 2018

NES_Classic_2.0.jpgMy brother was lucky enough to pre-order a SNES Classic, which releases September 29th, but we were never lucky enough to snag a NES Classic.  For the folks that missed out, you’ll be getting a second chance.  There hasn’t been any official release date set yet, but if you missed out the first time, be sure to keep an eye out, I know I will.

IT scares up giant box office numbers this past weekend


I thought IT was good (feel free to check out my review), but others have been flipping out over this flick.  Someone even said it was the best film of the century (huh?).  It brought in a whopping $123 million, and I can only assume this number will grow based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews it’s getting.  It’s now the highest grossing R rated movie for an opening weekend, beating out Deadpool (which I assume will change when Deadpool 2 releases).  It still has a ways to go though if it plans on beating Deadpool in terms of total gross.  Have you seen it yet?  What did you think?  Did it scare you silly?  Let us know in the comments below so we can make fun of you.

That’s it for The Round Up, until next time! – NVJ

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