New DuckTales will feature Darkwing Duck


It’s been 26 years since we’ve seen the ‘terror that flaps in the night’.  Other than some appearances in comics, there hasn’t been a tv show since the original.  Darkwing Duck consumed my childhood when it first released, and I’ve always wanted to see Disney do something new with the franchise.  My kids and I picked up the original seasons on DVD and they absolutely adored it.  It looks like I (and many others I’m sure) will be getting our wish.  The new Ducktales premieres this Saturday, August 12th, on Disney XD. According to Slash Film, there was concept art released at the Comic-Con 2017 panel that showcased Darkwing Duck, as well as Magica De Spell, Megavolt, Quackerjack, and Ratcatcher to appear on the show (no NegaDuck sadly).

If this is any indication, they’ve got to be testing the waters to see how the audience handles Darkwing’s appearance.  If things go well, and DuckTales is a success, I’m sure we’re going to see his own new series in the future.  Could this news potentially mean we’re going to get a new Chip ‘N’ Dale?  I was already stoked for the new DuckTales (keep in mind, I’m 32 years old), now my hype is through the roof.  Now excuse me while I go and look for all my old Darkwing Duck toys and watch the original series from start to finish again. – NVJ

DuckTales premieres August 12th, on Disney XD.


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  1. It’s truly amazing how certain “things” can trigger emotions, and in this case your article on the return of DarkWing Duck has brought back a cascade of them to me.
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing a memory I cherish from when you were 6 or 7 years old.
    My Dad and Mum (Nana & Grandad Jones) were at our house visiting you because you had caught a bad cold which had (as it unfortunately always did) progressed into asthma and you were in bed feeling quite rough, and therefore could not attend the first “Parent & Teacher Night” of the school year.
    So whilst Grandad Jones and I went over to the school to meet your teacher(s) and marvel at your artwork and other schoolwork on the walls, you stayed in bed with Nana Jones taking care of you and keeping you company.
    We had a surprise for you upon our return since I knew what a huge fan of DarkWing Duck you were, and you already had a number of the characters from the TV show. Grandad Jones handed you the bag and your whole demeanour changed… your face lit up as you realized what was inside the bag and pulled the box out.
    It was a large “duckbilled shaped” aircraft that had a hinged clear dome top that opened to allow the placement of the figurine inside.
    That night, 26 or so years ago, seems like yesterday to me. Time has changed the landscape of my life as it does with everyone and Nana and Grandad are no longer with us in the physical sense… but the “ear to ear” smiles on your Grandparents faces, on my face, on your face… and the love that was in that room that night surrounding you and enveloping all of us, lives on forever.
    And after reading your article and knowing DarkWing Duck will be protecting the world once again, is very reassuring indeed.
    – Pops


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