When does casual gaming become TOO casual?

Polygon posted an article today about Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s final MSQ trial, The Royal Menagerie.  The article states that the community is divided.  On one end of the spectrum, this final trial is difficult and perfect the way it is.  On the other end, there are players saying it’s too hard and it needs to be nerfed.  As a husband and father of two, I can tell you that I don’t have as much free time as I used to for gaming.  If I can squeeze in some game time during the day, that’s fantastic.  Typically I do my gaming from 7:30pm (the kids are in bed at 7) till whenever my body will let me stay up till.  I play on Malboro (which is a pretty casual server, so I am told) and have a level 70 Red Mage & Paladin.  There are players that still haven’t made it through the story content or this trial, which I can understand.  Things come up or people want to take their time getting through the MSQ.  Let me ask you this question though.  When does casual gaming become TOO casual?

Spud Murphy 06/27/2017 01:01:43
Time to fight the big bad.

Minor spoilers for those of you who haven’t finished the MSQ in Final Fantasy XIV

I get there’s certain content (like Extreme Primals/Savage raids) that some players will never take part in.  Those are for the players that really want to test themselves (the new extremes are pretty basic though so that’s not saying much).  When it comes to a main story quest, that’s a final boss no less, is there really people out there that need it nerfed to get through?  Don’t you want the final boss to be a little bit challenging?  Are we this casual, that we can’t learn specific mechanics (which aren’t hard at all) and just demand the difficulty to be turned down?  Back in my day, there was no nerfing.  If you couldn’t beat a boss, TOUGH SHIT.  I’ve ran The Royal Menagerie a bunch of times now, always with pugs.  A little explanation at the start and calling out certain attacks like Diamond Dust or Tidal Wave throughout and we’ve managed to get through, typically after a couple of wipes. Watch a 4 minute video by MTQcapture and you’re good to go.

If she’s not your thing, you could watch a 47 minute video of the exact same fight by Mr. Happy. Whatever floats your boat.

Spud Murphy 06/27/2017 00:58:47
My brother and I before the trial.  So peaceful.

Final Fantasy XIV is a fantastic MMO.  My wife and I play World of Warcraft together every now and then, but the base content in that has become a bit of a face roll.  I find the difficulty for the base content just right in FF.  The King Thordan fight at the end of the Heavensward MSQ was a little too easy for me, but it was very cool.  Now we’ve got a cool AND hard boss fight in the form of Shinryu, to finish off Stormblood’s MSQ.  Why ruin a good thing?  I consider myself a casual player, but even I love a good challenge. I’m a big fan of the Demon Souls/Dark Souls/Bloodborne series.  Maybe they’ve jaded me (damn you From Software for sharpening my gaming skills!) but I love that satisfaction.  They’ve given me a new appreciation for hard work.  It’s bad enough you can pay money to skip the entire story up to Stormblood and level to 60 instantly.  Please Square-Enix, don’t continue this trend of catering to the hardcore casuals by nerfing an already pretty simple boss fight.  Make people work for this one.

Listen, here’s my advice to all the players complaining that it’s too difficult……… LEARN THE FIGHT.  Challenge yourself.  The satisfaction you get from beating Shinryu far outweighs the frustration. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Spud Murphy 07/12/2017 11:05:21
A picture of me and my Fox Pup.  Nothing to do with nerfs, just cute.

What do you guys think?  Is this fight perfect the way it is (yes)?  Or does it need a nerf (no)?  Also, what do you guys think of nerfs in general?  Do you own any Nerf guns?  Let me know in the comments below! – NVJ


  1. spot on. fight is perfect. not too hard and not too easy. enough to wipe a few and get that needed satisfaction from the victory. i personally find the extreme primals to be much harder but i havent had good luck with capable parties. leave things the way they are as they gonna probably rework some of the skills for all classes like they did in HW to make it easier.

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    1. Definitely agree with you on the classes. Once things are worked out there, it should be a bit easier. I’m interested to see how they handle the balance. What class do you play as? Any changes you’d like to see to it?


  2. To each their own, I suppose but it took me three days just to get a clear on it and I’m not talking one try per day. I went in
    probably somewhere between or around 7-10 times, total, trying to clear it. We’d get to 14%, tanks or heals would go splat or both would (usually both tanks, unfortunately.) and we’d spend almost the whole time it gave, trying to clear it and it went pretty much the same way every time. People dying in some weird way or another. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want it to be Cape Westwind or anything but not everyone wants to feel like they’re trying to do extreme content for a MSQ. While I definitely see your side of things and can understand that you want more difficult content, it’s definitely holding people up from being able to do the 70 dungeons, or the Omega raid, with friends or just in general. That’s something that neither side of the spectrum can really deny.


    1. I’m sorry, but if it took you 7 hours either something is wrong with what you’re doing, or you just had bad luck.

      I’ve done this thing multiple times, I’ve done it as a tank, as a healer, as a dps. It’s a pure tank and spank. Some simple mechanics we have seen a million times in ARR and HW.

      99% of the time its just people being too braindead to know to kill the tail. The fight isn’t hard, it has MECHANICS, which most of the community thinks shouldn’t be more than “DONT STAND IN ORANGE CIRCLE” for some reason.


    2. If they can’t beat Shin they have no business progressing to more challenging content and holding everyone else back. Shin is practice for post end game, as it should be.


  3. All it takes is a brief rundown of the pivotal mechanics and it can be done. Took me about an hour and twenty minutes, first group timed out, but we were 100% first timers and got it down to about 25%ish by the end. Second group, we wiped twice in the first 50%, then after explaining the bonus damage from attacking the tail, we immediately cleared it.
    It’s a simple confluence of all the boss mechanics you’ve done in the past. There are no big gotchas.
    Remember chains? Cool. Run apart.
    Remember Thin ice? Cool. Stop moving.
    Remember Tornado? Cool. Don’t get pushed off.
    Remember pulsing damage? Cool. Don’t stand there like a dummy.
    A little thoughtfulness and a little execution goes a long way in most boss battles, and Shinryu is really no different.

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  4. Man this fight was so fun the only thing that killed me was the tidal wave. Because I thought that it was just a damage thing, but then had a thought at the back of my mind how cool it will be that the tidal wave pushes you like in FF5 (tidal wave pushes you to back row)… then bam dead the laughs. I don’t see why it should be nerf. Such a great design to a fight better than steps of faith.

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