Episode Prompto Review

Episode Prompto is a huge step forward in terms of the DLC we’ve received so far for Final Fantasy XV.  It has some really great combat, some new mechanics, and an emotional story.  When comparing it to Episode Gladiolus though, of course it’s going to look that way.  Episode Gladiolus was hollow with two cool boss fights.  Episode Prompto has open areas to explore with your snowmobile, it doesn’t feel as suffocating as Gladiolus.  If you haven’t purchased any of the episodes yet, I definitely encourage you to try this one out.  It’s the best place to start.


This DLC picks up shortly after Prompto was thrown from the train by a confused Noctis in the main story.  It explains what Prompto was up to and how you ended up finding him beaten and held captive under Ardyn’s control.  Prompto is on a journey of self discovery, with some revelations about his back story we kind of saw coming, but couldn’t confirm.  I won’t spoil anything, but it’s a cool little addition to the FFXV mythos that has some very emotional moments.  You really feel sorry for the guy.  There’s a number of different side-quests you can tackle that culminate in a battle against a level 99 Kaiser Behemoth.  Rounding out the package are an optional battle against the Dragoon Aranea, and a Time Trial mode.  The Aranea fight plays out like the Cor fight from Episode Gladiolus, but much less difficult.  Time Trial has you riding your snowmobile down 3 different mountain tracks to see if you can get the best score.  It’s some nice little additions to keep you playing after you’ve finished the main story.


The main draw for this episode though is the combat.  It plays like a fast paced Metal Gear.  There is the option to use stealth at certain points to take down enemies quickly and quietly.  However, the bulk of your playthrough, you will be using a variety of weapons.  You have access to your standard pistol, a sniper rifle, machine gun, rocket launcher and grenades.  You can melee attack but where’s the fun in that?  If you stun your enemies, causing them to be vulnerable, you can unleash a barrage of Crackdown attacks that do some serious damage.  Prompto wouldn’t be Prompto if you couldn’t take pictures.  Luckyfor us, we have the ability to take our own selfies during combat.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20170628105104
Chillin’ with Aranea

The only downside to Prompto’s story is that it’s over too fast.  It made me crave a full length Final Fantasy game with gun gameplay (Dirge of Cerberus doesn’t count).  Maybe they could add Prompto in as a playable character to the main FFXV.  I’d be happy as a clam.  It’s light years ahead of Episode Gladiolus and gives me faith Episode Ignis (we have to wait till December to play that, which sucks) will be just as great.  If you don’t own the Season Pass for FFXV, I encourage you to pick this up.  It’s only $7 and will provide you with some decent gameplay and story.  Square Enix, give us more Prompto! – NVJ

Episode Prompto is available for Final Fantasy XV on PS4 & Xbox One.  It’s $6.99 on its own, or available with the purchase of the Season Pass.

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