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The Round Up – June 20th, 2017

Another week, another Round Up.

Not too much going on this week.  I’ve been neglecting everything (excluding my children…. sorry wife) to play the new FFXIV expansion, Stormblood. RDM is amazing. Have any of you picked it up yet? Also, FUCK NEXT TUESDAY.  My god man, there’s way too many things coming out I want.  It’s great but my wallet can’t take it.

Let’s see what’s going on in the gaming and movie world…….

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered getting standalone release


This one came out of the blue.  Many players bought Infinite Warfare specifically for this addition.  Now it looks like players can buy it next Tuesday for $40 on PS4, Xbox One & PC.  This one and Call of Duty 2 are my favorites.  I’ll definitely be picking up this bad boy next week.

Transformers: The Last Knight in theaters tomorrow


The first four were action packed with no soul.  I expect this one to be no different.  SURPRISE ME MICHAEL BAY!  I am pretty stoked that Hot Rod is in this one, so hopefully they get him right.  Optimus going rogue is also another interesting factor that could have some pretty serious consequences.  We’ll have a review for this one up on Thursday.

Episode Prompto new gameplay trailer, releases on June 27th

Man, June 27th is going to be a busy day.  Not only are we getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Episode Prompto, but now Blizzard has announced today that they’re releasing their Necromancer class on the same day!  I still have to finish Persona 5, and I’m currently obsessed with Stormblood.  Too many games, not enough time.  The gameplay looks really great, with a Metal Gear Solid vibe to it.  Prompto is shooting his guns with an over the shoulder camera, lobbing grenades.  Hopefully it will have a bit more story as opposed to the Episode Cup Noodles Gladiolus.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood officially launches today!


Early access was a bit of a shit show, but all the connection issues and quest glitches seem to have ironed out.  The story is fantastic so far, with lots of emotion and action.  I’m in love with the new RDM class, it’s a blast to play.  It’s a departure from the one in FFXI, but there’s enough support options that it still has that feel of the original.  Be sure to check out my First Impressions.

That’s it for The Round Up, until next time! – NVJ


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