New Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay – E3 2017 Trailer

The Sony press conference has come and gone.  There were some really great games showcased (no Bloodborne 2 though, sad face) and we’ll cover them when the dust has settled.  Although some of the bigger names Sony has (Final Fantasy & The Last of Us 2 were missing), they definitely ended on a high note. We got a taste of the new Spider-Man game coming from developer Insomniac last year, and now we have full on gameplay to drool over.  It looks like it’s going for the Arkham games vibe.  Lots of cool take downs using Spidey’s webs, with tons of heroic action going on.  I’m surprised they went with Mr.Negative as the villain, he’s a pretty obscure character (I didn’t even know who he was at first, shame on me), but it will be interesting to fight against someone different then the typical roster of super villains we’ve come to expect.  There are also lots of little easter eggs throughout, and a nice little glimpse of Miles Morales at the end.  Hopefully this will be opening up to a much larger universe of games.  I personally can’t wait.  We’re getting the high quality Spidey game we’ve always wanted! – NVJ

Spider-Man doesn’t have an official release date, but will release sometime next year.

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