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The Round Up – June 6th, 2017

Another week, another Round Up.

How’s everyone?  I spent my weekend watching Wonder Woman at the theater and playing an assortment of games.  Victor Vran, The Town of Light, Persona 5 & Final Fantasy XIV.  The first two I mentioned, we’ve got reviews for them, so be sure to check those out.  It’s been raining here non-stop, I just want the sunny weather to get here already.  I’m fed up with this overcast, wet crap.  Is it obvious it’s bothering me?  My birthday is on Sunday though, so that’s something to look forward to.  Also, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood launches in 10 days.  I’m just going to keep reminding you.  I’m putting together a little something for the launch so keep any eye out for that.

Anyways, let’s see what’s been going on this past week……..

Nintendo Direct today was underwhelming to say the least


Nintendo shit the bed again.  Their big announcement today was for 2 games we’ve already played.  Pokken Tournament, which was on WiiU, is now coming to Switch.  Pokemon Sun & Moon are getting Ultra versions.  Once again Nintendo is selling us stuff we already own.  Where’s a new Samus game?  Where’s Pokemon on Switch?  It sucks cause people are still gonna buy these updated versions, and Nintendo will keep pumping them out.  Third party support is also nowhere to be found.  Anything releasing lately is only on PS4, Xbox One & PC.  I miss the old Nintendo.

Wonder Woman breaking records

15571 (1)

This film deserves all the positive attention it’s been getting.  I’ve seen it twice now and love it.  It’s made over $200 million worldwide and it’s only going to continue to pick up steam.  Feel free to read my review on it, it won’t cost you anything!  I promise.

The Town of Light & Victor Vran: Overkill Edition release today!

Both of these have released today on PS4, Xbox One & PC.  Be sure to check out our reviews for The Town of Light & Victor Vran to see if they’re right for you.  One’s going to provide you with loads of action RPG fun, the other is going to destroy you emotionally….. have fun!

Adam Wingard set to direct ‘Godzilla vs Kong’

maxresdefault (4)

The director of You’re Next, The Guest, Blair Witch, and Death Note looks to be getting a chance at one of the biggest monster films of all time.  It was announced last week that Adam was in talks to direct Godzilla vs Kong.  This is fantastic news and congrats to him!  I love the kinds of films he makes, and with most indie filmmakers putting out some great stuff for big names like Marvel and DC, I’m sure this one will be in good hands.

Final Fantasty XIV in discussions for release on Nintendo Switch & Xbox One


Yoshi-P mentioned in an interview with Finder that he would love to bring the beloved MMORPG to Switch & Xbox One.  “We need to make sure Nintendo and Microsoft understand what we do and have them know about our online and QA regulations.  We believe these conversations will take a long time.”  This won’t be something that will happen overnight, but the more consoles this game is on, the better.  It would be no different then Final Fantasy XI being available for PS2, PC & Xbox 360.  I feel like Xbox would be more suited.  FFXIV ditched the PS3, so I feel like the Switch may have difficulty running the game.  It’s all speculation for now, but the future of the game looks strong.

A Hole New World out on Xbox One this Friday


This is a no brainer.  Buy this game!  It’s amazing.  A great throwback to the classics.  You don’t believe me?  Check out our review.  I’ll promote this game till the end of time, we need more like it!

That’s it for The Round Up, until next time!

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