Anybody Out There: Dead City – First Impressions

Releasing on Android & IOS tomorrow.  Anybody Out There: Dead City is an interesting “game” to play in short bursts, which is perfect because it was designed exactly for this.  It’s entirely text based, with you communicating with Sam (could be male or female, this is up to your imagination.  I picture Sam as female.) during the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.  How you respond to Sam and what you tell her to do has consequences.

(Yes, my wallpaper is Hanson.  My wife hijacked my phone and I forgot to change it before writing this.  It’s almost as terrifying as the game, maybe more so.)

It’s always a strange feeling when your phone goes off, and then you realize it’s Sam messaging you.  How you treat her is entirely your choice; you can be a complete jerk, possibly leading to her death, or you can choose to help out and decide the safest route for Sam to take to get her through the day.  The dialogue feels real, like you’re actually talking to someone.  Sam will even go away for periods of time, and you won’t be able to contact her until she tries to reach you.  This creates a strong bond between you and Sam.  Sometimes conversations are as simple as asking how she’s doing, or getting to know one another.  The intensity of the situations continue to ramp up as the days go on. There’s even a feature at the end of each day that shows you what other people’s choices were, and compares yours to them (like Telltales Walking Dead series).  It’s a very cool premise, and completely engrossing.  I’d say it’s interesting enough to at least take a look, especially if you dig text based adventures. – NVJ


  1. Did you ‘forget’ to change your phone background for the past few months?!?! Didn’t think so! It reminds me of an app I had that you could watch text message stories evolve but never interact – seems cool!


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