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The Round Up – May 9th, 2017

Another week, another Round Up.

How’s everybody doing?  I’ve been fighting a brutal head cold these past couple of days.  I feel like crap.  What’s worse, IT’S BEEN SNOWING HERE (yes it’s Canada, but it’s May dammit).  I thought we were done with that shenanigans… apparently not!  We’ve been stoking the wood stove to keep warm, let’s just say we can’t wait for the sunny weather.  As far as games go, I’ve recently been playing A Hole New World (which releases May 19th) & Persona 5, both taking up large amounts of my time.  Next week we get Farpoint, which will finally encourage me to dust off my PSVR headset.  I’m excited to start using it again.  We mostly just use it for Playroom VR (my wife loves wearing the headset and being the cat, I don’t know why….she scares me).

Anyways let’s see what’s caught my eye…….

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island releasing next week

If you thought Yooka-Laylee was bringing back 3D platforming, think again.  From Grip Digital & Right Nice, comes the awesome looking Skylar & Plux.  Check out the trailer above to see just how beautiful it looks in action.  It’s set to release May 19th, right alongside one of our current favourite retro 2D platformers A Hole New World (I know, I can’t shut up about it).  coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC (A Hole New World will have its PS4 release later this summer.  Reviews for both of them will be out next week.

Bloody Zombies coming to consoles and VR later this year

It looks like we will be able to unleash total carnage on the zombie hordes when Bloody Zombies releases on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

Bloody Zombies is a one-to-four player co-op brawler designed to be played with any combination of TV and VR players, online or on the couch.  Set in a London wasteland, bloody zombies (pun intended) run amok and four rough-and-tough cockney misfits must work together to beat back the rotting hordes.

With easily accessible moves, yet with deep freeform combat and brutal chainable combos, players can unlock special moves and discover melee weapons to expand their zombie-slaying abilities. The VR player’s enhanced viewpoint means you can also find in-game secrets, provide tactical support, and conquer obstacles using a unique diorama view.”

David Corless, VP of Publishing, nDreams had this to say: “Bloody Zombies transforms the classic co-op brawler into an original experience.  Players team up to battle the undead in the streets of London, regardless of whether they are playing in VR with its unique viewpoint or on console or PC,”

We’ll be covering more on this bloody game in the coming months.

Marvel’s The Gifted gets a Teaser Trailer

The full trailer will be revealed May 15th, but for now we get a quick glimpse at the new X-Men series coming to Fox.  Bryan Singer is behind this one, and we all know he’s got a pretty great track record with the films (Apocalypse was just ok, the other ones were great).  I’m looking forward to seeing what this show will have to offer.  Marvel has been catching up to DC on TV, this looks like a step in the right direction for them.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is bringing in the dough


Marvels dysfunctional space family has been doing quite well at the box office.  For its opening weekend, it made $145 million, $428 million worldwide.  Congrats to James Gunn and his crew!  If you haven’t seen it yet (shame on you), check out our review to see why we’re happy they’re back in our lives.

The Hellboy films are getting a reboot


And finally, this one came out of nowhere.  Mike Mignola announced it on his Twitter, now the internet is ablaze with speculation.  Check out my Hellboy article to see why I think this is going to be a good thing for the franchise.  I do feel bad for Ron Perlman & Del Toro.  It was apparent they loved the franchise and it’s a shame they won’t be in it going forward, hopefully it’s in good hands!

That’s it for The Round Up.  Until next time! – NVJ

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