Hellboy Reboot – The 3 Positives

Yes, I’ve heard the news.  I’m a big fan of the Del Toro/Perlman Hellboy films.  I was waiting in anticipation for some kind of announcement stating there would be a 3rd and final one from them.  After years of Del Toro saying there wouldn’t be a third film, then Perlman stating there was going to be a third film.  Now, we find out we’re getting a reboot.  At first, I was pissed.  This beloved franchise of mine was getting stiffed and the studio was looking to do a reboot (look how well that worked for Spider-Man.  I guess it worked out the third time, but still).  It breaks my heart that we’ll never find out what happened to baby Hellboy, but that’s just the way it goes.  As far as the new film is concerned, if you break the reboot down, all the pieces coming into play are a recipe for success.  Here are the 3 positives that give me hope…


Neil Marshall – This guy not only directed the excellent Dog Soldiers & The Descent, he’s also directed two action packed episodes for Game of Thrones, Season 2’s Blackwater & Season 4’s The Watchers on the Wall.  If any director is up to bringing the dark world of Hellboy to life, my money’s on him.  If you haven’t watched his films, check him out.  The Descent is particularly gruesome.


David Harbour – We all know him best as Police Chief Jim Hopper from Stranger Things.  He’s been in all kinds of different films, ranging from End of Watch to Brokeback Mountain to War of the Worlds.  He’s a fantastic actor and the more I think about it, the more I can see him fitting the role of Hellboy.  He’s not as gruff as Ron Perlman, but throw some make-up on him and I’m sure he’ll be perfect.


R-Rating – After the success of Deadpool & Logan, it’s really no surprise they’re going this route.  The original Hellboy films were “dark” in their own ways, but they never truly embraced the comics.  This, combined with Neil Marshal’s knack for true carnage, how could this not be a good thing?

I know, I literally just named off the only things they’ve announced so far, but they’re all positives!  I’m one of those people that hates reboots.  If it’s financially promising to just start all over, then of course it’s better for the studios.  It sucks for the fans, but obviously no one gives a crap about the fans if it doesn’t mean money in the studios pockets.  In the span of 15 years we’ve seen 3 different actors play Spider-Man.  In the span of 9 years we’ve seen 3 different Hulks.  In the long run, the choices they’ve made have been good ones.  Deciding to just put Hulk in as a side character, instead of giving him his own films, has worked really well for Disney.  Adding Spider-Man to the MCU is going to prove to be wildly successful for the character (and Sony).  This just means you have to give it time.  If you’re a fan like me, I know it stings.  Hopefully when they release that first trailer for the new Hellboy, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  Knowing the future of the Hellboy films are in good hands.  That, or we’ll all go into mass hysteria because it looks like a big pile of shit.  Time will tell my friends, time will tell.  Let’s try to stay positive.  – NVJ


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