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The Round Up – May 2nd, 2017

Another week, another Round Up.

Lots of stuff to talk about, so let’s get to it!

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is coming to Steam!

maxresdefault (6)

This is fantastic news for horror fans!  Last Tuesday, after only being up on Steam: Greenlight for a couple of days, Remothered was given the go ahead.  No release date has been set but if you haven’t heard of this game, you can check out what is to come here.  It looks to promise some serious scares.

Darksiders 3 announced


Fans of the Darksiders series can breathe a sigh of relief.  Slated for release in 2018, players take control of the whip wielding Fury.  Other than a teaser trailer, not much else is known.  I’m sure it will follow the typical Darksiders (Zelda) formula.  Hopefully we will hear more sooner rather than later.

Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 Closed Beta ending May 16th

download (1)

All progression during the closed beta will be wiped to make way for all the new recruits starting May 16th for the Early Access/Open Beta.  As a thank you to all players from Gazillion, Daredevil will be a free playable hero when the game launches in late Spring.  I know I sound like a broken record, but this is a great action RPG that deserves everyones attention.  If you do decide to purchase all of the Founder’s Packs, you can nab yourself the timed exclusive Symbiote Spider-Man & Iron Fist.

Toukiden 2 going free to play with “Free Alliances” release


If you’ve been holding off on purchasing Toukiden 2, Koei Tecmo has announced the Free Alliances edition.  You can download the free version which give you access to the game at the cost of “Stamina” (essentially anything you want to do requires stamina).  If you own the free version you start off at Stamina level 3, with each level taking 8 real time hours to replenish.  If you want to increase your Stamina you can purchase it from the PSN store with real cash.  Owners of the full game can transfer their saved data to Free Alliances.  Toukiden 2 is available on PS4 & PS Vita.

A Hole New World releasing May 19th


I’ve already played 4 levels of this excellent tribute to the NES classics of old.  I will be writing about my impressions in a future post, but for now you can check out what it’s all about here.  It’s currently slated for release on Xbox One & PC May 19th, with a PS4 release coming this summer.  Mark your calendars for this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 out this Friday!

I am Groot (Of course you knew this, I just thought I’d remind you.  It’s already made $100 million over seas, and that number will continue to grow as it’s released in more locations.  Our review will be up this Friday).

That’s it for The Round Up.  Until next time! – NVJ

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